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Boxed In

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[e][h]Boxed In
Map Information
Spawn Positions:
4 at 2,4,7,10


Boxed In is a map released by Blizzard as part of Brood War and intended for non-ladder play.

As is the case with many Blizzard-made maps, Boxed In has some positional imbalances.

The mineral lines of the various starting locations vary in how easy they are to harass. While the bottom right starting position's mineral line is rather protected due to the edge of the screen, there is plenty of room to drop Lurkers or other troops behind the mineral line at the bottom left.

Also, the high ground expansions have different layouts leading to their gases being differently difficuly to harass. The gas on the expansion at the top can in fact be reached by unupgraded Marines placed on the low ground next to it, while the same does not hold for any other expansion.

The choke points of the different starting locations vary in size too, with the top left being the largest. That starting position also has some unbuildable terrain there, which further makes the choke worse than the other ones.

Notable Features[edit]

  • All expansions are high ground expansion inaccessible by ground.
  • The Town Hall of each expansion can be reached by Siege Tanks on low ground.