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[e][h]Zerg BrEaKdOwN
Player Information
Christian Schäfer
January 1, 1986 (1986-01-01) (age 35)
Alternate IDs:
bouncer, Hb, thats_life
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????-??-?? — 2005-07-??
2005-07-?? — 2006-07-??
2006-07-?? — 2006-11-??
2006-11-?? — ????-??-??
2020-??-?? — 2020-??-??

Christian "BrEaKdOwN" Schäfer was a German Zerg Player.


BrEaKdOwN started to play Brood War in early 2000, after a friend recommended him the game. He entered an offline event in Berlin without having played online before and lost. Afterwards, the Zerg played casually on several money maps like Big Game Hunters and found his way into the scene after joining the German clan Meise. He improved relatively fast and founded his own team tja.[1] He soon gained some reputation as member of the German National team and for his records in smaller online and offline events. Due to his performance BrEaKdOwN was invited to join the team pro Gaming.

Schäfer profited greatly from the new training network, which combined both the international elite and the strongest players from Germany. Especially his training with FiSheYe, as well as the experience and exchange with players like Blackman and Dashwriter influenced the style of the Zerg. In the time between 2003 and 2006 BrEaKdOwN showed a very good performance against the strongest European players in Nation Wars and team leagues and formed together with FiSheYe and Mondragon the core of the German National team[2]. In addition, the Zerg was one of the few members of team pro Gaming to use the ladder 'World Gaming Tour, in which he won the fourth season and ended as runner up in the third season for 2on2[3].

In 2003 and 2004 BrEaKdOwN started to enter mostly German events. He ended as runner up in the second Brood War Kerrigan Cup Season in June 2004, after beating players like Socke and Gentleman in the finals of the weekly tournaments. A few months later he won the fifth season, in which more international names like Ex participated, as well as the biggest German LAN to feature Brood War: the Northcon. In early 2005 his streak continued, when he finished second in the famous Templar of Twilight Invitational Tournament. At the WCG Germany 2005 BrEaKdOwN went through the grid unchallenged, beating his ally FiSheYe with 4-1 in total. A month later at the main event he missed to advance from the group stage, dropping games against Midian, the bronze medallist of 2003, Lamer and the Chinese CN_Storm.

However, his most notable record in 2005 was the second place in the GGL American Cup. In this tournament the Zerg advanced from an almost all-German group easily. In the elimination grid Schäfer defeated the ex Progamers Rekrul, Legionnaire and Pj. However, his weakness was the Zerg vs. Terran match up and he eventually lost twice against Assem with a very clear 0-6.

After FiSheYe and BrEaKdOwN left pro Gaming and joined ESA Lehnitz, the Zerg started to only enter few tournaments and his play was rather sloppy compared to his peak during 2005. He still qualified for the ESL Pro Series VIII in 2006 and advanced from the group stage, but lost once to Mondragon and Schnibl0r, an upcoming talent in the scene. A year later he finished as runner up in the WCG Germany 2007, profiting from his strongest match up - Zerg vs. Protoss. However, he was knocked out in the main event in Cologne, as he dropped three games in an all-Zerg group. His last bigger tournament entry was the WCG Germany 2009, where he lost against the new generation of players, namely kolll and Naruto.

In between 2006 and 2013 BrEaKdOwN appeared in the line ups of several clans like infernal Gamers. He even played some random games and showed in ICCup's ladder sporadically, but never tried to enter major tournaments. Only in January 2013 he signed up for the Teamliquid Legacy Starleague, but lost in the early rounds.


2021-03-21EA5 - 6thA1MajorTeamShinhan Tank Proleague Season 4Shinhan Tank Proleague Season 4BrEaKdOwN 
2021-03-07CA3rdA2MinorTeamBWCL Season 52: Div-ABWCL Season 52: Div-ABrEaKdOwN3 : 2 
2007-09-02BA2ndA1Major1v1WCG Germany 2007WCG Germany 2007BrEaKdOwN0 : 3Germany  Mondragon 
2006-06-20CA3rdA1Major1v1ESL Pro Series VIIIESL Pro Series VIIIBrEaKdOwN0 : 2Germany  Schnibl0r$659
2005-09-11AA1stA1Major1v1WCG Germany 2005WCG Germany 2005BrEaKdOwN3 : 1Germany  Fisheye 
2005-08-11BA2ndA1Major1v1GGL Americup Season 1GGL Americup Season 1BrEaKdOwN0 : 4United States  Assem$1,000
2005-01-22BA2ndA8Undefined1v12004 ToT Tournament2004 ToT TournamentBrEaKdOwNGermany  Mondragon 
2004-10-31AA1stA6Show M.Team2004 German Racewar2004 German RacewarBrEaKdOwN 
2003-07-14AA1stA2Minor1v1ToT Invite Tournament 2003ToT Invite Tournament 2003BrEaKdOwN3 : 2Germany  Mondragon 
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In Tier 2 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2007-09-02 A22nd WCG Germany 2007 0 : 2  Mondragon N/A
2005-01-22 A22nd ToT Invite Tournament L : W  Mondragon N/A
2004-10-11 A22nd WGTour DLGamer Tournament 1 : 3  TreK N/A
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