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[e][h]Protoss Brave
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Lim Tae Gyu
August 24, 1991 (age 32)
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
2007-08-08 — 2012-05-17

Lim "Brave" Tae Gyu is a former StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Protoss for Samsung KHAN. He currently plays in amateur leagues.


Brave made his debut in a recorded game in August 2007, playing a series against Rumble in the 07 Fall OSC Prelims, where he lost the series, 1-2. He made appearances in the 07-08 Minor League and played in OSL and MSL prelims, but he did not pass any. In April of 2008, Brave was entered into the GOM Classic Season 1 where he was due to face up and coming WeMade protoss Pure in a best of three. He defeated Pure 2-0 and moved on to face Destiny in the first round of 64. He, once again, won his match 2-0 and was set to face team-mate JangBi in the second round of 64. Despite winning the first game, his high ranked team-mate won the series 2-1, knocking Brave out of the tournament.

He went on a short losing streak after this series, going 0-5 in the 08 Minor League and losing 0-2 to Boxer in the 08 Fall OSL Prelims. He broke this losing streak after he met by.hero in the 08 Fall MST Prelims. He won the series 2-1, before being knocked out by Piano, 0 games to 2. In October 2008, he was entered in to the GOM Classic Season 2. He defeated unknown zerg AnomiA before being knocked out by Calm in the first Round of 64. After this, Brave posted poor results in OSL and MSL prelims and was knocked out of the GOM Classic Season 3 in the first round, losing 1-2 to Ganzi.

With the arrival of the 09 Minor League, Brave showed strong play and finished the season with a solid 8 wins, 5 losses record. Because of these good results and effective play in practice, Brave played his first proleague in November 2009. He played against eSTRO ace Really on Match Point, a game that he lost. In round two he played his second game against GoRush, a victory on Match Point giving him a 1-1 record going into winner's League.

Brave is due to play in the 09-10 KeSPA Dream League.

Brave retired from competitive Brood War in May 2012, and was reported to have moved into a house with his Samsung KHAN teammates Grape and Point[z-zone] in June to form their own League of Legends team.[1][2]


2013-09-073rdMinorAngel Hidi Clan League Season 2
New Star PlayersNew Star Players
5 : 2
2011-06-1729th - 40thPremier2011 Jin Air OSL2011 Jin Air OSL
Samsung KHANSamsung KHAN
0 : 2$90
2010-09-1117th - 28thPremier2010 Korean Air OSL Season 22010 Korean Air OSL Season 2
Samsung KHANSamsung KHAN
0 : 2$120
2010-07-139thPremier2009–2010 Shinhan Bank Proleague2009–2010 Shinhan Bank Proleague
Samsung KHANSamsung KHAN
27-28Grp S.-
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