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1v1 and 2v2
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The Brood War Clan League (BWCL) is the oldest and still active foreign clan league. For a long time the organizers were able to fill 15 divisions with 10 clans in each; its reputation was based on the many top clans competing in it, often leading to a waiting list with more than 50 clans queued up.


BWCL was founded in 2001 by the German fan page was renamed to later - the name BWCL however did not change. The 42nd season ended on 3rd November 2012.

In the early years the league was German only and didn't support any other languages, since all divisions could be filled with German-Speaking (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) clans.

Ever since Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft the German scene became smaller, which forced the league to open its doors to the international scene step by step. In 2004 (citation needed) the BWCL allowed mercanaries for each clans that did not need to speak German as first language. This rule was heavily criticized at first. In 2005 (citation needed) full English support was implemented and the first foreign clans joined.

Ever since SCII Beta stages the league had to suffer from heavy inactivity and most divisions had to be closed. Since season 38 the number of participating clans increased again. However, with the influx of players declining a few months after the release of Wings of Liberty the sign ups sank to an all-time low. Eventually, the BWCL Season 44 marked the last season for the upcoming years.

In late 2017 the clan league re-opened the doors with a test season, once again carried by the release of StarCraft Remastered. The first season was labelled "Beta Season" and featured twelve teams with more than fifteen players each. In January 2018 the BWCL Season 44 [sic!] started, this time featuring a league for rookies called "Little League", being only open to players with an MMR lower than 1900 points.

Other Projects[edit]

King of Kings[edit]

In 2003 the BWCL hosted a tournament series in cooperation with's BW4Ever tournament portal: the King of Kings series. These were individual tours, which only players from BWCL clans could enter. Every team had the option to send a number of players into the competition, depending on their placement in the divisions.

This series should in theory be hosted once per season, but was often paused due to problems with the tournament page. Due to the merge with the BW4Ever page was updated and re-released under the name "InCup".

BWCL Cups[edit]

An additional series of tournaments for all clans was introduced around 2003 (citation needed). Any clan could enter and had to play two 1on1s and one 2on2. This allowed new founded clans to play against clans of higher divisions. Some clans could directly move up this way.

BWCL Premier League[edit]

The BWCL hosted two BWCL Premier League seasons. The franchise was invite only. The first season took place in 2004. The second season lasted from 2006 to 2007.


  • The Danish Team Meet Your Makers won seven titles in a row, but under different names
    • In 2007 MYM merged with DkH and took over their spot in Division 1
    • MYM disbanded and the complete roster switched ESC Gaming
    • after ESC Gaming disbanded the complete roster transferred to mousesports
  • The German roster of the Templars of Twilight used to reign in the early years of the league and had the longest win record before international teams were allowed to enter
  • The individual records of top players and their success in the King of Kings series was often used to give out invites to invitational tournaments, clan invites and invites to National Teams (especially important for German players)
  • Ever since the Templars of Twilight left the BWCL around 2005, many of their best players were to be found as mercanaries in other clans; some even in very small, traditional German clans
  • since BWCL uses four 1on1s and two 2on2s the score of a clan war can be tied; this was especially important to clans with very good 2on2 line up
  • the only player that had been constantly black-listed for years was Selector
  • even without having prizes BWCL used to have the most active clans and users before the SCII Beta

Hall of Fame[edit]


Season Year Winner Runner Up
1 2001 Fighters for Freedom -
2 2001 Team eXhale Legendary Fighters
3 2001 Deutschlands Kranke Horde -
4 2001 Templars of Twilight -
5 2002 Deutschlands Kranke Horde Templars of Twilight
6 2002 Templars of Twilight Fallen Angels
7 2002 Templars of Twilight Starcoma Familia
8 2002 Templars of Twilight StarCraft Troopers
9 2002 StarCraft Troopers -
10 2003 Templars of Twilight -
11 2003 Templars of Twilight Pirates called Nuts
12 2003 Templars of Twilight StarCraft Troopers / #ferus
13 2003 Templars of Twilight Fighting Club
14 2003 Templars of Twilight Starcoma Family
15 2003 Templars of Twilight ivy Amateur Team
16 2004 Templars of Twilight Bleeding Hollow Clan
17 2004 aeterna societas honoris ivy Amateur Team
18 2005 aeterna societas honoris ivy Amateur Team
19 2005 aeterna societas honoris ivy Amateur Team
20 2005 aeterna societas honoris team Kolix
21 2006 Czech Demolition Squad Fallen Angels
22 2006 Czech Demolition Squad Biologic
23 2006 Czech Demolition Squad aeterna societas honoris
24 2007 Excello Czech Demolition Squad
25 2007 Excello Deutschlands Kranke Horde
26 2007 Deutschlands Kranke Horde Excello
27 2007 Excello Meet Your Makers
28 2008 Meet Your Makers Face 2 Face
29 2008 Meet Your Makers Face 2 Face
30 2008 Meet Your Makers faculty
31 2008/9 ESC Gaming mTw
32 2009 ESC Gaming Speedlink
33 2009 ESC Gaming Speedlink
34 2010 mousesports NeO roxxor Team
35 2010 - -
36 2010 sas Team Noobs
37 2010 Los Reyes Del Mambo Evolutions sas
38 2011 international Federation of Untouchables -
39 2011 international Federation of Untouchables -
40 2011/12 Team Noobs -
41 2012 insanity without Limits -
42 2012 insanity without Limits -
43 2013 eviL Spirits Family raGe
44 2013 raGe OverDosed
44 2018 Red inte Riktigt kloka
45 2018 No Autism Squad inte Riktigt kloka
46 2018 inte Riktigt kloka KDV-A
47 2019 inte Riktigt kloka No Autism Squad
48 2019 World SouL) Sweden iRk-A
49 2020 English Speaking [NaS] Sweden iRk-A
50 2020 Sweden iRk-A World SouL)
51 2020 World SouL) Sweden iRk-A
52 2021 inte Riktigt kloka SouL Gaming
53 2021 TBD TBD

King of Kings[edit]

Season Year Winner
15 2003 Germany  iV.GoOdy
17 2004 Germany  ToT)Rob(
25 2007 Canada  Repent[LighT]
27 2007 Germany  HoRRoR.T-ScT-
28 2008 Germany  DA]Kuh
29 2008 Poland  uZZZer
30 2008 Poland  Yayba
31 2009 Germany  mTw.HoRRoR
32 2009 Lithuania  ESC.Arew
33 2009 Lithuania  eX-v1o)Arew
47 2019 Sweden  iRk-KameZerg
48 2019 Germany  HoRRoRToSS
49 2020 Russia  Dewalt
50 2020 Peru  Dandy

BWCL Cup[edit]

Season Year Winner
15 2003 ivy Amateur Team
16 2004 ivy Amateur Team
17 2004 aeterna societas honoris
18 2005 Czech Demolition Squad
19 2005 Czech Demolition Squad
20 2005 Czech Demolition Squad
21 2006 Team BW-
22 2006 Czech Demolition Squad
24 2007 Excello
25 2007 Micro GamerZ
31 2008/9 Fnatic
33 2009 Super Russia
34 2010 sas