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BWCL Premier League Season 2

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[e][h]BWCL Premier League season 2
League Information
1v1 and 2v2
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

General Information[edit]

BWCL hosted the BWCL Premier League additionally to their regular league. 14 Clans were invited in order to fight for a prize pool of 500€. The league lasted 11 playdays. League time was 4pm each Saturday. Each encounter consisted of five 1v1 and two 2v2. A won match gave 1 point. Mondragon was the most valuable player in the league, ending with a score of 11-0. During the league there were a lot of player transfers. Many non-sponsored Teams lost their players to professional teams. Most notable was the controversial transfer of SEn and Testie from Templars of Twilight to Meet your Makers.[1] Also, many retired players came back to participate in the league. For example Gorky or Assem.

Tournament Information[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]



Final Standings[edit]

Place Team Points W L
1 Templars of Twilight 72 13 0
2 Excello 62 11 2
3 MicroGamerZ 60 10 3
4 Micro Media 52 8 5
5 Czech Demolition Squad 50 7 6
6 inFerno Esports 49 5 8
7 Deutschlands kranke Horde 49 7 6
8 Los Reyes del Mambo¹ 46 6 7
9 Meet Your Makers 46 6 7
10 united Team 40 3 10
11 All Aggression 39 6 7
12 3D Clan 38 7 6
13 Shock Squadron 27 2 11
14 fourvisions² 0 0 13
  • ¹ MYM.ReasoN smurfed as LRM)CrazY. This resulted in 2 points penalty for LRM and a ban for ReasoN. After that incident he was kicked by MYM.[2]
  • ² fourvisions Europe (ex oGaming.rA) withdrew from the league. All their matches were counted as 0:7. [3]

Detailed Results[edit]