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Map Information
정호진 (Hozzi)
Spawn Positions:
2 at 1, 5


Competition Span:
Feb 2022 - currently in use


  • Smooth like butter
    Like a criminal undercover
    Gon' pop like trouble
    Breakin' into your heart like that
    Get it, let it roll

    -Song by BTS-

Notable Features[edit]


Butter 2.0c

Butter 2.0c was featured in ASL Season 14. It contains some changes made to terrain and resource placement. Most notably the vespene geyser more secured in the eleven o'clock expansion on both sides, where potential base completely covers the resource.

Nine o'clock base is more isolated from the top and bottom side with added tar and vespene geysers moved further away in eight and ten o'clock bases.

Twelve o'clock natural got moved slighlty more to the top, without symmetrically changing bottom natural.[1]

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games with VODs and can be modified here.
DateTimeTournamentOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2022-10-0210:00 UTCASL Season 14hero Zerg South KoreaSoulkeySouth Korea Zerg SoulkeyWatch VOD
2022-09-2010:00 UTCASL Season 14Rush Terran South KoreaLightSouth Korea Terran LightWatch VOD
2022-09-1410:10 UTCASL Season 14Soulkey Zerg South KoreaBisuSouth Korea Protoss BisuWatch VOD
2022-08-05UBE Season 2: soma vs. BarrackSBarrackS Terran South KoreasomaSouth Korea Zerg somaWatch VOD
2022-08-0201:00 UTCSIB Season 2: Sziky vs. MotiveMotive Protoss South KoreaSzikyHungary Zerg SzikyWatch VOD
2022-07-1309:00 UTCUBE Season 2: Leta vs. ShineShine Zerg South KoreaLetaSouth Korea Terran LetaWatch VOD
2022-02-27BSL14 HasuLeagueKik0 Terran BulgariaTousaNChile Terran TousaNWatch VOD
2022-02-27BSL14 HasuLeagueExit Zerg United StatesTousaNChile Terran TousaNWatch VOD
2022-02-27BSL14 HasuLeagueAegiS Zerg United StatesFischeiGermany Protoss FischeiWatch VOD
2022-02-27BSL14 HasuLeagueJedi_One Protoss RussiaArtOfTurtleUnited States Zerg ArtOfTurtleWatch VOD


Terran vs. ZergZerg vs. ProtossProtoss vs. TerranMirrors

Played in Premier Tournaments

Start dateEnd dateTournament
2023-02-102023-02-28Sanpao StarLeague Spring Cup Season 4Sanpao StarLeague Spring Cup Season 4Sanpao StarLeague Spring Cup Season 4
2022-12-072023-01-17CSL season 8 Winter CupCSL season 8 Winter CupCSL season 8 Winter Cup
2022-08-092022-10-09ASL Season 14ASL Season 14ASL Season 14
2022-02-082022-04-09ASL Season 13ASL Season 13ASL Season 13


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