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[e][h]CJ Entus
Team Information
Lee "fOru" Jae Hoon
Ju "Side_LeGenD" Jin Chul
Jun "Zeus" Tae Gyu
Cha "ClouD" Jae Wuk
Son "Nbs" Jae Bum
Team Captain:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Player earnings:
Player Breakdown
Number of players:
Protoss 7
Terran 7
Zerg 7
April 2006

CJ Entus (CJ 엔투스) is a Korean StarCraft professional team. Its current roster contains 21 players.


  • Created in January 2001 under the name of ProSuma (프로슈머)
  • Changed name to Greatest One (GO) in April 2002
  • Changed name to SUMA GO (슈마 GO) in September 2003
  • Changed name to Greatest One in September 2004
  • Changed name to CJ Entus (CJ 엔투스) in April 2006
  • On October 12, 2010, Hite SPARKYZ announced that they would merge with CJ Entus to form the new proleague team Hite Entus.[1]
  • As of May 8, 2011, the team has been once again renamed CJ Entus as the naming rights contract with Hite has expired.[2]


CJ Entus, commonly known as CJ, qualified for and competed in Playoffs of the 08–09 Proleague Season. CJ Entus was eliminated by Hwaseung OZ, the eventual second-place team. CJ is generally held to be the team with the 'deepest' overall lineup. All races have strong representatives, there is notable variation in the Proleague lineup, no player carries the team completely on his own, and there is a fairly large number of players that qualify for Starleagues.

CJ stands for entertainment and enthusiasm, as expressed on their website, and have a vision to bring a world class E-Sports team promising joy and happiness to all its fans. The team name Entus comes from "entertain us".[1]

The CJ Entus practice house and the Woongjin Stars practice house share the same building. The two teams are known to have good relations. CJ Entus traded GGPlay, and later Kwanro to Woongjin.

On October 12, 2010, CJ Entus and Hite Sparkyz were merged into Hite Entus, as Hite SPARKYZ was crippled after the Match Fixing Scandal. As of May 8, 2011 the team was once again renamed CJ Entus.


CJ Corporation sponsors the team, which is a major manufacturer of foods and is also involved in the entertainment industry.

Between October 2010 and May 2011, the naming rights to CJ Entus were owned by the Korean 'Hite' Beer company, due to being sold in April 2009 by the OGN Sparkyz team prior to its merger with CJ.


In the past, CJ's lineup boasted a number of strong players, including former bonjwa sAviOr, Starleague champions XellOs and GGPlay, and Starleague contenders Iris, Much, and OversKy. However, sAviOr retired due to the Match Fixing Scandal, GGPlay returned to Stars and retired, XellOs and Much played on Air Force ACE before retiring, OversKy became a coach, and also joined ACE. However, CJ's younger players are filling their elders' shoes: the combination of Leta as captain, Skyhigh, and EffOrt now lead the team, achieving strong league results of their own, with support from the even younger generation of Snow, Hydra and Horang2.

Proleague Performance[edit]

Round Record Ace Record 2nd Man Record 3rd Man Record 2v2 Team/4th Man Record
2006 Round 1 7-3 Terran XellOs 6-3 Zerg sAviOr 8-2 Terran Iris 4-3 Zerg Oversky/Protoss Rage 5-2
2006 Round 2 7-3 Zerg sAviOr 8-2 Protoss Much 5-3 Terran XellOs 4-3
2007 Round 1 11-11 Protoss Much 9-8 Terran DarkElf 8-6 Terran Iris 9-4 Zerg Jy/Protoss Nbs 1-3
2007 Round 2 15-7 Protoss Much 12-6 Terran Iris 10-6 Terran DarkElf 9-3 Zerg Jy/Terran Memory 5-3
2008 Proleague 9-13 Terran Iris 7-6 Protoss Much 4-7 Terran XellOs 5-4 Zerg sAviOr/Protoss Nbs 6-4
08-09 Rounds 1-2 10-12 Zerg EffOrt 14-8 Terran Iris 7-5 Zerg sAviOr 6-6 Protoss Much 5-6
08-09 Round 3 (WL) 9-2 Terran Iris 11-6 Zerg sAviOr 6-4 Terran sKyHigh 8-1 Zerg EffOrt 3-6
08-09 Round 4 7-4 Zerg EffOrt 8-2 Terran sKyHigh 5-4 Protoss Movie 3-3 Zerg Kwanro 3-2
08-09 Round 5 5-6 Zerg EffOrt 8-2 Protoss Much 4-3 Terran sKyHigh 3-4 Zerg Kwanro 3-2
09-10 Round 1 6-5 Zerg EffOrt 10-3 Protoss Movie 4-5 Zerg sAviOr 4-4 Terran sKyHigh 3-5
09-10 Round 2 6-5 Zerg EffOrt 8-6 Protoss Movie 5-5 Terran sKyHigh 5-3 Zerg Hydra 2-3
09-10 Round 3 (WL) 3-8 Terran sKyHigh 8-9 Zerg EffOrt 7-10 Protoss Movie 7-8 Protoss Snow 5-5
09-10 Round 4 8-3 Protoss Snow 7-2 Zerg EffOrt 5-2 Terran sKyHigh 5-4 Zerg Hydra 4-3

Shinhan Bank Proleague 08–09[edit]

Regular Season[edit]

CJ Entus fielded a broad lineup in r4/5 of the 08/09 PL.

CJ's performance in the five round 2008/2009 Proleague was at best mediocre, until the wakeup call that was the Winner's League. Round 1 saw the team at rank 8 with a 6-5 record, r2 made them slip with a sub-par 4-7 performance. With the Winner's League season, Entus' rise began. They finished #1 of the ranking with a total record of 9-2. In the Grand Final, they defeated Hwaseung Oz with 4-3, where Skyhigh performed a reverse all-kill after Jaedong had created a 3-0 lead for Hwaseung. During r4 and r5, a decent performance of 12-10 combined was enough to grant them a playoff spot as 5th of the table.

Playoffs R1 vs. Hite[edit]

After placing 4th, CJ Entus had to play Hite SPARKYZ, who finished 3rd, in order to advance. The match consisted of two Bo7 matches on two adjacent days with a "super-ace" match deciding if each team won one day. CJ took day 1 with a score of 4-3 with Movie winning the Ace game against Leta. On day 2, however, Hite managed to even the score with a 4-2 victory. In the super-ace game, EffOrt managed to take down YellOw[ArnC]. (See TL newspost)

Playoffs R2 vs. Samsung[edit]

Against the team of Samsung KHAN, CJ was the clear favorite since Samsung had been performing sub-par ever since Winner's League started. This did not stop them from taking day 1 from CJ with a total score of 4-2. On day 2, Samsung gained an early 3-1 lead, but was unable to finish the match in the three games to come, with great losing the Ace game to EffOrt. In the super-ace, EffOrt was sent out again and managed to take down Stork, thus single-handedly taking 3 of the necessary 5 wins for CJ on that day. (See the TL.net newspost)


Player Roster[edit]

Terran BbyongCJ EntusCJ Entus
정우용 Jung Woo Yong
2035.64 pts2052.21 pts
Protoss HushCJ EntusCJ Entus
변영봉 Byun Young Bong
Zerg EffOrt
김정우 Kim Jung Woo
2184.82 pts2310.45 pts
Protoss Horang2
이경민 Lee Kyung Min
2166.32 pts2213.96 pts
Zerg herO[jOin]CJ EntusCJ Entus
김준호 Kim Joon Ho
1981.78 pts2068.85 pts
Zerg Hydra
신동원 Shin Dong Won
2097.01 pts2288.04 pts
Terran LetaCJ EntusCJ Entus
신상문 Shin Sang Moon
2175.02 pts2263.53 pts
Protoss Nbs
손재범 Son Jae Bum
1936.93 pts2000 pts
Zerg rare
이상준 Lee Sang Joon
Terran Rush
유영진 Yoo Young Jin
2029.27 pts-
Terran sKyHighCJ EntusCJ Entus
조병세 Jo Byung Se
2088.09 pts2232.05 pts
Protoss Snow
장윤철 Jang Yoon Chul
2143.35 pts2183.72 pts
Zerg SonGDuri
송영진 Song Young Jin
Zerg MIsO
한두열 Han Doo Yeol
1980.16 pts2020 pts