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[e][h]Zerg cRoSs
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Jihi Chun
vT, Wico
Alternate IDs:
cRoSsy, cRoSsyy, Gae9ri
Total Earnings:

cRoSs, is a zerg StarCraft: Remastered player from Canada.

Matchup Statistics[edit]

Matchup Games Wins Losses Winrate
vs P 131 70 61 53.4 %
vs T 61 30 31 49.2 %
vs Z 92 48 44 52.2 %
All 299 159 140 53.2 %


2021-04-24IA9thA1Major1v1Best of the Best TourBest of the Best TourCRoSs21-34Grp S.$363
2021-04-11BA2ndA2Minor1v1BSL12 Ladder Open #1BSL12 Ladder Open #1CRoSs0 : 3Russia  Dewalt$25
2021-03-26DA4thA1Major1v1Rogue City RumbleRogue City RumbleCRoSs2 : 3United States  BoA 
2021-03-21AA1stA1MajorTeamShinhan Tank Proleague Season 4Shinhan Tank Proleague Season 4CRoSs$39
2021-03-21DB4 - 6thA1Major1v1Ascension: RebirthAscension: RebirthCRoSs3-3Grp S.$275
2021-01-30BA2ndA2Minor1v1BSL11 Ladder Open #1BSL11 Ladder Open #1CRoSs0 : 3Russia  Dewalt$25
2020-12-11AA1stA2MinorTeamTurf Wars Season 1Turf Wars Season 1CRoSs$136
2020-07-26AA1stA1Major1v1TDR NASL 3TDR NASL 3CRoSs4 : 3Canada  DragOn$505
2020-04-25IC9 - 12thA1Major1v1Bombastic StarLeague 9Bombastic StarLeague 9CRoSs1-2Grp S.$25
2020-01-26IC9 - 12thA1Major1v1Bombastic StarLeague 8Bombastic StarLeague 8CRoSs1-2Grp S.$25
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