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Cannon Rush (vs. Zerg)

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
[e][h]ProtossCannon Rush
Technique Information
Early game technique

The Cannon Rush is an aggressive reaction to a greedy 12 Hatch opening when the Protoss player opts for a Forge FE. The goal of a cannon rush is usually not to win the game outright, but to delay the Zerg economy by forcing Zerglings, Sunken Colonies, and Drone pulls. Additionally, if the Zerg player is not careful with their Sunken Colony placement it could compromise their anti-Zealot Sim-City leading to more effective Zealot timing in the mid-game.


A Photon Cannon should only be attempted as a follow up to a forge fast expansion. On most four player maps, if you double scout with Probes after Pylon and Forge, respectively, you will be able to block the drone from planting a Hatchery if the Zerg does a Spawning Pool first opening. If the Hatchery is already morphing when your scout arrives then the opponent is performing a Hatchery first opening and you will be able to cannon rush them.

Warp two Pylons behind the mineral line (ensure that there is enough space for a Photon Cannon) to wall-off Drones and Zerglings. If the opponent attempts a worker drill before your Pylons are complete, you can build a third Pylon in the spot where you intend to build your Photon Cannon, making it harder for the Zerg to glitch through the mineral line and block your Photon Cannon from going up.