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[e][h]Terran Casy
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Han Dong Wook
September 25, 1986 (age 37)
Alternate IDs:
iOi[Alive], Really[Alive], AdamaS[Alive]
Neo Emperor, Art Terran, Sonic Terran
Approx. Total Winnings:
2006 Shinhan Bank OnGameNet Starleague Season 1
????-??-?? — 2006-05-29
2006-05-29 — 2007-10-??
2007-10-?? — ????-??-??
????-??-?? — ????-??-??

Han "Casy" Dong Wook is a former StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Terran for Air Force ACE. He used to play in amateur leagues.


[1] Casy was a member of OGN SparkyZ, formally known as KOR. He entered the proscene in 2003. He was a very strong Terran user known for his brilliant micro and creativity, to the point that he has been called the "Neo Emperor", a reincarnation of the legendary SlayerS_`BoxeR`. He shows many resemblances to BoxeR, as they both have a strong TvZ and a weak TvP.

He won one OSL, the 2006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 1, defeating ChoJJa in the finals at a score of 3-1. Other achievements include placing 4th in the ShinHan2005 OSL, losing to iloveoov in the semifinals 3-2 and Pusan in the 3rd/4th place match 3-0. He also placed 4th in the 2006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 3, losing to NaDa in the semifinals 3-2 and Iris in the 3rd/4th place match 3-0.


  • Despite being hailed for his extremely good TvZ (57%) and TvT (45%), Casy's TvP has proven to be his achilles heel repeatedly. In total, his win rate is located at a depressing 25% with a 14-42 record.


2009-03-0912thPremier2009 Shinhan Bank Winners League2009 Shinhan Bank Winners League
Air Force ACEAir Force ACE
1-10Grp S.-
2007-03-173rd - 4thPremier2007 Shinhan OSL Masters
CJ EntusCJ Entus
1 : 3$2,632
2007-02-214thPremier2006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 32006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 3
CJ EntusCJ Entus
0 : 3$4,830
2006-09-1317th - 24thPremier2006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 22006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 2
0-3Grp S.$1,085
2006-06-231stPremier2006 Shinhan Bank OnGameNet Starleague Season 12006 Shinhan Bank OnGameNet Starleague Season 1
CJ EntusCJ Entus
3 : 1$42,400
2006-02-284thPremier2005 Shinhan OSL2005 Shinhan OSL
0 : 3-
2005-02-263rdPremier2004 SKY Proleague Grand Final2004 SKY Proleague Grand Final
2004-08-019th - 12thPremier2004 Gillette OSL2004 Gillette OSL
1-2Grp S.-
2004-07-175thPremier2004 SKY Proleague Round 12004 SKY Proleague Round 1
5-5Grp S.-
2004-02-295thPremier2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup Proleague2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup Proleague
3-4Grp S.-
Extended list of results
Place Year Event/League
1st 2004 KBC Power Game Show Newcomers' League

OSL Champion
Shinhan2005 OSL
Preceded By:
South Korea Terran iloveoov
Shinhan2006-1 OSL
23rd June 2006-18th November 2006
South Korea Terran Casy
Shinhan2006-2 OSL
Succeeded By:
South Korea Terran NaDa

Notable Games[edit]