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Map Information
Spawn Positions:
2 at 5, 11


Champion is a map based on Challenger, one of original map.

  • The reason why I select this map is that when I met starcraft, I played melee with computer on this map. This map make nostalgic feeling to me.
  • Main feature of this map is the battle in the fully flat ground and fierce battle in every place.
  • I remained it and focused on standard fight meta.
  • This map fully compatible in 1.16.1.
    • Frontyard entrance length is 8 tiles and fully blockable.
    • 3/9 o'clock natural can be blocked.
  • Rush distance: 33 seconds


  • Main: 9M + 1G
  • Frontyard: 7M + 1G
  • 1/7 o'clock: 7M + 1G
  • 3/9 o'clock: 8M + 1G
  • 4/10 o'clock: 7M + 1G
  • Mineral only: 6M


  • v0.1 → v0.2
    • Remastered features
    • Add: Frontyard
    • Add: standard expansion structure(5 gas naturals + 1 mineral only natural).
    • Add: Some bridges for terrain variation.
    • Add: Two Eggs with Rocky ground in main entrance.
    • Add: High ground naturals(some kind for terrain variation).
    • Removed: All island expansion.
  • v0.1 → v0.2
    • Add: Add unbuilable tiles infront of frontyard.
    • Add: Add: Add high ground on frontyard for Ovi spot.
    • Add: Place one Creep Colony behind 4/10 nat and place ramp.
    • Add: Extend entrance of 3/9 nat.
    • Add: Add doodad decoration.
  • v0.2 → v0.3
    • Add: More highdirt wall has been added in frontyard.
    • Add: 3rd base has been moved little clockwisely and gived more space to build defensive building.
    • Add: Mineral position of frontyard has been changed.
    • Add: More space has been added in 4/10 bases to solve density.
    • Add: All bridges has been widen except 3rd base.
    • Add: Backdoor of 4/10 base has been rotated.
    • Add: Khaydarin Crystal has been covered creep colony. It will be prevent creep colony from destruction.
    • Add: Few of decoration has been added to notify Ovi spot.
    • Removed: Small highdirt wall in center has been replaced to water.
  • v0.3 → v0.35
    • Add: Mining rate enhanced.
    • Add: Visual design of bridges in 2,8 o'clock nat changed.
    • Add: More decoration added.
  • 0.35 → 0.4
    • Add: Improved blocking of main entrance. Now you can fully block with 2 Supplies and 1 Barrack.
    • Removed: obstacle tiles.

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