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Player Information
Blake Muzar
November 15, 1984 (age 39)
Alternate IDs:
Chill, Agalloch

Blake "Chill" Muzar was a Canadian Zerg player, commentator and TeamLiquid moderator.


Blake "Chill" Muzar is a widely respected moderator on TeamLiquid, with the main responsibility for the strategy forum. He is not afraid to step on toes when discussing and that has given him as many followers as haters on the TeamLiquid forum, some respecting him for not being afraid to speak his mind and some thinking he could tone it down a little.

Chill started out by making strategic FPVODs (first person VODs) for TeamLiquid, and via that proved his deep understanding of the game. He has commented many of TeamLiquid's events such as 2008 Razer TSL, Liquibition, TL Attack and TL Arena. When then 2009 TSL was announced Chill was pretty much guaranteed a spot amongst the commentators. To a lot of people's delight he was paired with none other than Sean "Day(9)" Plott, but not before pairing up with his casting partner in the first TSL, Artosis, to do the very first cast of TSL2: the special series between IdrA and NonY.

Chill regularly streams game via his livestream account, everything from off-racing in a light drunken fashion to laddering, all while commenting the games as they play out.


  • Was invited to 2009 IEF, where he played three games (1-2), he won his game vs. Chinese Zerg LBH.
  • Has, on his stream, several times shown his love for the Scout.


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TSL2 Announcement text about Chill[edit]

Blake "Chill" Muzar started out by making several strategic commentaries before casting events for, including several seasons of TL Attack! and Liquibition. Chill was Artosis' casting partner for the Razer TSL and also moderates TeamLiquid's Strategy Forum. Chill is known for his strategic knowledge, dry humor, and brutally honest comments.

Notable Games[edit]

Strategic VODs[edit]