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League Information
China China

General information[edit]

The Chinese Our StarCraft League was the biggest Chinese SC:BW Tournament at it's time. The series was started in 2012 and was inspired by the chinese PLU Leagues. It was also a homage to Korean OSL tournaments. The tournament was of high interest for Broodwar fans because C-OSL was often attended by notable progamers, and it was not a given that they were going to have an easy route to the finals, as the competition was very strong. Some foreigner players have also participated in C-OSL tournaments.


Name Year Winner Resources
C-OSL 1 2012 China  FengZi
C-OSL 2 2012 South Korea  Scan
C-OSL 3 ? ? ?
C-OSL 4 2013 ?
C-OSL 5 2014-2015 South Korea  Movie
C-OSL 6 2015-? ?