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Christian "Christian" Drechsler, also known as "Beast", is a retired Bulgarian Terran player.

[e][h]Terran Christian
Player Information
Christian Drechsler
December 25, 1985 (age 38)
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
????-??-?? — ????-??-??


Christian "Christian" Drechsler was born in Bulgaria on December 25th, 1985.

Brood War[edit]

Christian was from the first generation of competitive StarCraft Brood War players. Even though he was never a member of the most prestigious clans like pro Gaming, the Bulgarian was among the strongest European players. His first major tournament entry was the World Cyber Games 2002 in Seoul. He failed to qualify for the knock-out tournament after losing to the professional players Grrrr... and Elky in the group stages. In the following year he finished third and thus couldn't advance from the group stage of WCG 2003.

His third attempt was at WCG 2004 where the Bulgarian had an easier group, from which he advanced in first place. He performed better than usual, beating players like Ex and SEn, before he lost in the semi-finals to the eventual winner XellOs. In the third/fourth place match he had to face the strongest foreign Terran, Androide, whom he defeated with a surprisingly clean 2-0 sweep.

After his impressive run in the WCGs, the Bulgarian became less active and thus slowly faded into obscurity. His last notable appearance was at the European Championships, where his rivalry with the Russian Androide spiked again. In the first round the two Terran met, and Drechsler lost 1-2 in a close series. Christian fought way back through the losers' bracket until he faced the rather strong PvT player Gorky to whom he lost 1-2 after a very close and entertaining match. Even though Christian still entered minor tournaments or played in invite-only tournaments like the Mystery-Map Invitational, he could never repeat his earlier success.


Christian was known for his mechanics and relatively high APM. Consequently, he profited most from strong macro-oriented openings with timing attacks shortly after the early-game. He used to slowly crawl with his army over the map in the mirror match-up and vs. Protoss while raising expansions everywhere. On the narrow WCG Maps like Martian Cross this style seemed to be especially unbeatable at times. Against Zerg, Christian used rather standard bio openings; however, due to his outstanding control, few foreigners could keep up because the Bulgarian would trade armies far better than most of his opponents.


2005-03-134thMajorESC 20050 : 2-
2004-10-103rdPremierWCG 2004WCG 20042 : 0$5,000
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