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Chronic Facture

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki

"Chronic Facture" was formed in the early quarter of 2008. The clan was pieced together by Silversnake and Nightphox shortly after there was no interest to remain with "The Fallen Angels". The Angels just did not have the resources or leadership to maintain any clan functions.

Chronic Facture was a huge success when it first had raised it's flag. The membership was large and many people drew on to learn what "CF" stood for.

During the spring of 2009 the clan had a few leaks in the ranks. The main focus of these individuals were to infiltrate the clan and pick apart its membership. The clan had lost almost half of its membership from these actions. Chronic Facture which was once very large now had few members, and taken a recession for a month.

Eventually the clan lost its momentum and it was disbanded. Despite the short term failure of the clan, the leaders Silversnake and Nightphox decided to jump-start Chronic Facture back into existence. They were ready and determined to do so, by incorporating improved security, accountability, and effectiveness overall for the clan.

The clan then grew large once again with a mix of some of the old membership and the new recruits. It had many talented members who were respected on

Despite a few minor changes in the ranks during the 2010 year. It grew even closer together and many members were like brothers. New additions have come forward and a fully functional website was established to give light to once again.

As of today the clan is still active, and is a part of the North American server community.