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Clan Revolution

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[e][h]Clan Revolution
Team Information
Player earnings:
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 20
Terran 10
Zerg 13
Random 2


Clan Revolution is an active Broodwar-clan founded in 1998 currently led by Hirmu, who took over at the start of 2020 after NarsiL stepped down as leader, following the departure of Incomplete in 2018. Core values are good manners and friendship, rather than skill at any cost - ReV welcomes any member willing to participate, improve and abide by the core values. Members of the clan use [ReV] at the end of their user names as clan tag.

They reside on Europe gateway in channel "Op ReV" and are open to players of all skill ranges and interests. They participate in various clan leagues, have an internal 1v1 league, and are also active in wider community events such as CPL (Coach Pupil League) and BSL (Bombastic StarLeague). The clan is very inclusive and members all play a variety of game types and maps - there is something for everyone in ReV.


Clan Revolution was founded in 1998 by Mendip[ReV]. Originally an Italian clan, it became more international over the years. In the mid 2000's Incomplete.ReV took over administration from former leader Mendip, and the tag was changed from " [ReV] " to " .ReV ". ReV slowly gained more players who competed in 1v1 ladder (ICCup), clan leagues (WGTCL, BWCL, IC CL) and nation wars. It was a period of growth in skill and playerbase which was reflected in the positive results in clan leagues and members 1v1 ranks. This success was amplified after a merge with another strong and upcoming team (unknownClan) who were close friends with ReV. It was decided between uC.psyCrowe, uC.Cr1stY and Incomplete.ReV that ReV would take advantage of uC.'s high clan league division places and all players would adopt the .ReV tag under the leadership of Incomplete.ReV and psyCrowe.ReV. This was a very promising period for ReV and some success was celebrated, but unfortunately it was not long lived.

Incomplete left the clan for personal reasons in 2008, appointing a successor in miKKeL.ReV. Unfortunately clan activity gradually decreased, along with the positive results. Players started going inactive, others leaving for rival teams. psyCrowe soon left the clan for personal reasons leaving miKKeL alone to manage the dwindling numbers. Shortly after, the release of StarCraft 2 signalled the end of the clan (and quite possibly the Brood War scene in general) and the clan was soon put on standby - the ReVolution lay dormant.

However, following the release of StarCraft: Remastered, Incomplete decided to relaunch the clan, changing the tag back to "[ReV]". Supplementing the forums, a ReV Discord was created as a new space for teammates to meet and organise. ReV quickly grew once again, mirroring the successes of before and ReV was establised as one of the top foreigner teams of Brood War, stronger than ever. Respecting the family values and mannered outlook of ReV, many old members were invited back, even if they had given up the game for good, Rev's attitude is 'Once a ReV, always a ReV'. This is reflected in the legacy category of members, who are players which played an essential part in the life of ReV and will forever be remembered, appreciated and honoured. All pre-Remastered era members are eligible for legacy membership.

Growth and prosperity was enjoyed once again in ReV and the community. As Incomplete was anticipating the arrival of a baby in late 2018, careful preparations were made to turn over leadership of the clan to a crew of admins and figurehead in Narsil. Maintaining the steady success celebrated before, Narsil soon stepped down from leadership in late 2020 and was replaced by Hirmu. ReV continues to participate in various clan leagues and community events, providing a familiar and friendly face to all.


Active Roster[edit]

Scotland  psyCrowe (Leader) Latvia  Crvt Romania  Thug Mexico  Abi
Finland  Hirmu (BWCL A Captain) Latvia  Aeternum Iceland  Steamy Sweden  ViR
Bulgaria  2sxy4u (BWCL B Captain) Norway  XzOz Portugal  AnaLogiC Poland  InSaNeMaN
Spain  InDi Poland  redterr France  Blobfish
Canada  Yaqoob Philippines  Ismoltym Belarus  440
Sweden  Maitreya Hungary  Breach South Korea  personman
United Kingdom  Shimmer Bulgaria  Atanakata Bulgaria  GGzzZZzz
Brazil  Cellbit Hungary  Stunter Poland  TOPSPEED
China  Perfecsis Lithuania  vlrx Hungary  PaSs
Belarus  cdfyer South Korea  TaEngGu Germany  Chojin
Germany  earob Poland  W
Portugal  Conaites
Ukraine  KycTosS
United Kingdom  TapTap
Norway  Herbert
Norway  Wave
Poland  ShOck
Poland  Bisccchhuu Finland  Napoleon
Poland  VampireS Hungary  uriQane

Team Achievements[edit]


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