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Coach Pupil League Season 1

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[e][h]Coach-Pupil League
League Information
Training phase, Teamleague phase, Playoffs, Finals
Start Date:
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The Coach-Pupil League (CPL) was organized by lazersnipe in February of 2017 with Jealous as a co-administrator. Continuing the league where L_Master left off, it was based on the original CPL hosted by l10f[1][2] many years ago.

The objective of the CPL was to help lower-ranked players improve under the guidance of higher-ranked mentors. Players ranked D- to C were drafted into teams; each team had a head coach who had achieved a rank of B- or higher, and at least one assistant coach who had achieved a rank of C+ or higher. The league was divided into four phases, with a special secret phase being revealed after the grand finals:

  1. CPL Ranking Tournament / D Ranks Individual Tournament 10
  2. Training Phase
  3. Teamleague Phase
  4. Playoffs/Finals/Grand Finals
  5. CPL All-Star Team Battle

Phase Summary[edit]

In the first phase, players signed up to participate in a tournament which determined the "tier list" for the draft. After the tournament VODs and commentary were released in their entirety, the coaches convened in order to draft players into their respective teams. Teams and players were given a two-week grace period during which additions, changes, and the pruning of teams for activity occurred.

On March 1st, the Training Phase began and the official maps for the league were announced. Coaches began organizing and training their teams in preparation for the teamleague that was to follow. During this phase, showmatches of various types were run which highlighted the participants of the league. There were also broadcasts that focused on educational material, such as high-level players analyzing their play.

The Teamleague Phase began on April 30th, 2017. It ran for 10 weeks, with teams facing each other team twice, and receiving two "byes" throughout the course of this phase. After this, Playoffs commenced.

The Playoff/Finals/Grand Finals Phase was announced on May 29th, 2017, and began on July 9th, 2017. The last games were played on July 30th, 2017. It was based on the SPL '11 format. It ran 3 weeks, with each team having an opportunity to participate. Teams were seeded according to their Teamleague Phase performance. In the semifinals, seed 2 faced seed 5, seed 3 faced seed 4. In the finals, the winner of the first match faced the winner of the second match. Each playoff match followed a Bo5 x Bo1 format (Best-of-Five Best-of-Ones). In the grand finals, the winner of the finals faced seed 1 in a Bo7 x Bo1 format (Best-of-Seven Best-of-Ones), with two "ace" matches allowing for two players to participate twice.

At the end of the Grand Finals broadcast on July 30th, 2017, the CPL All-Star Team Battle was announced. The All-Star event was based on similar events from the KeSPA era. The top two players based on individual performance during the Teamleague Phase were asked to become captains of two new teams. They drafted six players each from a pool of players who were invited to participate based on their league win/loss stats; if someone was not available for the event, the next person in line was invited. As a result, two teams of seven players were formed. The match followed a Bo7 x Bo1 format (Best-of-Seven Best-of-Ones), with the final match being an "ace" match between the two captains. The matches were played prior to Aug 6th, 2017, and the broadcast was on the same day.

Teamleague Standings[edit]

Seed Team Matches Won Matches Lost +/- Series Won Series Lost +/- Maps Won Maps Lost +/-
1 Drag n' Herb 6 2 +4 29 10 +19 60 25 +35
2 team 6 2 +4 25 15 +10 54 32 +22
3 Team Assimilate 3 5 -2 16 23 -7 38 50 -12
4 Stardom and the plebs 3 5 -2 16 23 -7 38 52 -14
5 Magical Ponies 2 6 -4 12 27 -15 27 58 -31