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Coach Pupil League Season 7

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[e][h]Coach Pupil League S7
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The Coach Pupil League Season 7 is a follow-up tournament to CPL Season 6 which was ran in 2020/2021 by lazersnipe.

CPL Season 7 is organized by lazersnipe, with help from many others. It is a unique league designed to help the newer and lower skilled players of Broodwar community improve in a competitive team league format. They can play and improve alongside fellow players of their own skill level with the guidance of experienced coaches.

Players in teams are split in four tiers: 0, 1, 2 and 3, based on their skill. Coaches will be responsible for helping their players improve at the game and prepare for their scheduled matches. Matches between teams will pit players against players within their tier for a fair competition across four skill divisions. Players who significantly increase their skill level during the CPL season, will be moved up to a higher tier.


  • 7 weeks of regular season:
    • Each team will play every other team once
    • Teams face off in a series consisting of 19 individual matches.
    • An individual match consists of players playing in a 1v1 Bo3
    • Each week 3 maps are chosen from the map pool. Matches are played on those maps that week.
    • So each week the teams have to put up 19 players:
      • 4 players from Tier 0
      • 5 players from Tier 1
      • 5 players from Tier 2
      • 5 players from Tier 3
  • Playoffs:
    • Teams are seeded into a single elimination bracket according to their regular season standings:
      • Team #1 gets a bye in the Quarterfinals
      • The rest of the teams (#2 - #7) are playing the Quarterfinals, where team #2 plays team #7, #3 plays #6, #4 plays #5
    • Playoff series are similar to the regular season series in regards to how many players are playing per tier

Map pool[edit]

Regular season Standings[edit]

# Team Series won Series lost Matches won Matches lost Games won Games lost
1 DestrucToads 6 0 72 40 148 110
2 Cheese Police 3 3 63 48 142 112
3 Fear Factory 3 3 56 55 124 126
4 Flying SCVs 3 3 50 61 122 128
5 Beach Buddies of Starcraft 2 4 51 63 112 141
6 Attitude+ 2 4 51 63 118 126
7 Pacific Fire 2 4 49 62 111 134


Cheese Police[edit]

Beach Buddies of Starcraft[edit]

Fear Factory[edit]


Flying SCVs[edit]


Pacific Fire[edit]

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