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Coach Pupil League Season 8

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[e][h]Coach Pupil League S8
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The Coach Pupil League Season 8 is a follow-up tournament to CPL Season 7 which was ran in 2021 by lazersnipe.

The CPL is a unique league designed to help newer and lower skilled players learn and improve their skills in a competitive team league format. Players sign up, get ranked with other players of around their same skill level in a randomly chosen team, and then play one best of three each week (with players of a team having to confirm their participation for a given week). Each team has one or more experienced coaches who give players tips on improving their play and set up special practice sessions.

Aside from the two-week pre-season period, the tournament is divided up into four skill levels: tiers 0, 1, 2 and 3 (from most to least experienced). Generally, players in tier 3 tend to be around F or low E rank and tier 0 up to low B rank on Occasionally, but somewhat rarely, players get moved to a higher or lower tier if they significantly improve in a short time or have been inadvertently misjudged during pre-season.

Map pool[edit]

The map pool was designed to encourage standard play. Since matches are Bo3, three maps were picked from the pool each week.

The fifth map, Butter, was voted on by the community through a poll that also included Ascension, Metaverse and Monopoly.

Preseason was played on Polypoid for week 1, and Eclipse for week 2.


Players were divided into six teams:


  • 2 weeks of preseason:
    • Players get assigned to a group of up to 5 players, and play one match against everyone in that group.
    • Group assignment is based on the player's initial MMR as self-indicated on their sign-up form.
    • Each match is a Bo1 on a map chosen for that week.
  • 10 weeks of regular season:
    • Players get assigned to one of six teams and a tier (tiers 0 through 3, based on preseason results).
    • Each team will play every other team twice.
    • Each match is a Bo3 on a map pool chosen for that week.
    • Each week, the teams have to field 19 players:
      • 5 players from Tier 0
      • 5 players from Tier 1
      • 4 players from Tier 2
      • 5 players from Tier 3
  • Playoffs:
    • Teams are seeded into a single elimination bracket according to their regular season standings. [TBA]


To promote CPL S8, two showmatches were played:

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