Coach Pupil League S4

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lazersnipe, awerti, pisan
Signups, Pre-Season Seeding Tourney, Regular Season, Playoffs, Finals
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The Coach Pupil League Season 4 is a follow-up tournament to CPL season 3 which was ran in 2018 by Pisan, lazersnipe and awerti.

CPL S4 is organized by lazersnipe, awerti and pisan, with help from many others. It is a unique league designed to help the newer and lower skilled players of Broodwar community improve in a competitive team league format. They can play and improve alongside fellow players of their own skill level with the guidance of experienced coaches.

Players in teams are split in three tiers: 1, 2 and 3, based on their skill. Coaches will be responsible for helping their players improve at the game and prepare for their scheduled matches. Matches between teams will pit players against players within their tier for a fair competition across three skill divisions. Players who significantly increase their skill level during the CPL season, will be moved up to a higher tier.


  • Signups
    • Players had to sign up on Teamliquid thread;
    • More than 150 players signed up in total;
    • Players were assigned to tiers 1, 2 and 3, based on their MMR. These Tiers are estimates based on reported MMR and historical information about a player. They are subject to change throughout course of the CPL;
      • Tier 1: ~1600-1900
      • Tier 2: ~1400-1600
      • Tier 3: ~0 - 1400;
  • Pre-Season Seeding Tourney
    • This event lasted for2 weeks. Every week players were put in groups with others at the same tier, and they played bo1 vs everyone in their group. Tiers will compete independently to get a starting record to be used in the league draft!
  • Regular Season
    • It will run for 7 weeks, with teams facing each other team once. After the regular season, playoffs will commence;
    • Each match will consist of multiple bo3 series within every tier. And even within every tier, players will be matched based on CPL MMR. It means that the best players within their tier would get matched vs stronger opponents, while weaker players would get matched vs weaker opponents.
  • Playoffs
  • Finals

Map pool[edit]

Circuit Breaker Cross Game Fighting Spirit Gladiator Neo Sylphid Overwatch Whiteout
Circuit Breakers Cross Game Fighting Spirit Gladiator Neo Sylphid Overwatch Whiteout

Regular season Standings[edit]

Standings after week 7:

# Team Series won Series lost Matches won Matches lost +/-
1 Samyang Fire 6 1 40 22 18
2 BAS 6 1 38 24 14
3 MCMS 5 2 38 24 14
4 Team Drag 4 3 34 29 5
5 Goon Squad 3 4 34 28 6
6 Puck Frotoss 3 4 32 30 2
7 The Salt Mines 1 6 15 46 -31
8 Team Timezone 0 7 17 45 -28


Goon Squad[edit]

Puck Frotoss[edit]

Samyang Fire[edit]

Team Drag[edit]

Team Timezone[edit]

BAS (B to A to S)[edit]

The Salt Mines[edit]

MCMS (More Coaches More Skill)[edit]