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Being one of the largest e-sports in the world, StarCraft has throughout the years had many commentators, both employed by the various progaming tournaments but also quite many independent commentators. Many of the commentators are former pro-gamers.

Korean commentators[edit]

  • IntoTheRain - Commentator for MBC StarLeague.
  • Kingdom - Commentator for OnGameNet. He became a commentator at the start of the 09-10 Shinhan Proleague after retiring from his coaching position at SK Telecom T1. Often casts with Nal_rA.
  • Leader
  • Nal_rA - Commentator for OnGameNet. Also commentated briefly for MBCGame after retiring from programing.
  • maRie - Commentator for OnGameNet.
  • Sonic
  • TheMarine - After retiring as a progaming in early 2006, TheMarine became a commentator for ONGameNet's Proleague coverage. He stayed until 2009 when he was drafted for military service.

Non-Korean employed commentators[edit]

Non-Korean independent commentators[edit]