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Cope: Matches

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
Overall 9W : 8L (52.94%) in series, 14W : 14L (50%) in games
DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2005-03-01A1MajorGiga Grandslam IVGiga Grandslam IV2:1Germany Zerg Methos
2005-03-01A1MajorGiga Grandslam IVGiga Grandslam IV0:2Germany Protoss FiSheYe
2005-03-01A1MajorGiga Grandslam IVGiga Grandslam IV2:0Germany Zerg Schnibl0r
2004-10-28A2Minor2004 German Racewar2004 German Racewar0:1Germany Zerg BrEaKdOwN
2004-03-25A2MinorBW4Ever Season 2BW4Ever Season 2:WGermany Protoss Gentleman
2004-03-25A2MinorBW4Ever Season 2BW4Ever Season 2W:Russia Unknown Skunk
2004-03-25A2MinorBW4Ever Season 2BW4Ever Season 2W:Germany Protoss Grummel
2004-01-17A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 10:2Germany Protoss tiGGa
2004-01-17A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 11:0Germany Terran Rob
2004-01-17A2MinorBW4Ever Season 1BW4Ever Season 11:0Germany Unknown Bierkasper
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20031:0Sweden Protoss Saft
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20030:1Romania Terran Shaman
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20030:1Malaysia Terran JohnRambo
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20030:1 Terran Elky
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20031:0China Zerg wyw
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20031:0Canada Protoss Smuft
2003-08-23A1MajorWCG Germany 2003WCG Germany 2003:WGermany Protoss FiSheYe
2003-08-23A1MajorWCG Germany 2003WCG Germany 2003W:Germany Protoss FiSheYe
2003-08-23A1MajorWCG Germany 2003WCG Germany 2003W:Germany Protoss Socke
2003-08-23A1MajorWCG Germany 2003WCG Germany 2003W:Germany Zerg Rifter
2003-08-23A1MajorWCG Germany 2003WCG Germany 2003W:Germany Protoss Nash
2003-06-15A2MinorToT Invite Tournament 2003ToT Invite Tournament 20031:2Germany Protoss nAsh
2003-06-15A2MinorToT Invite Tournament 2003ToT Invite Tournament 20032:0Germany Zerg Silence
2003-06-15A2MinorToT Invite Tournament 2003ToT Invite Tournament 20032:1Germany Terran DoLife
2003-06-15A2MinorToT Invite Tournament 2003ToT Invite Tournament 20030:2Germany Protoss Boto