Costa Rica StarCraft League 1

[e][h]Costa Rica StarCraft League 1
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Costa Rica Costa Rica
1v1, Round Robin - Playoffs
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The Costa Rica StarCraft League 1 (CRSL) is an online tournament created in 2019 for Costarrican players only. The idea behind it is to motivate the players to grow and learn while competing amongst us, and also to help StarCraft Remastered grow in our country.

Tournament Information[edit]

  • Start Date
    • Monday August 5th
  • End Date
    • TBD


  • First round
    • Round Robin
    • At least 5 players will be needed. If there are 6 or less players two rounds will be played
    • Best of three.
    • Each week will start with one different map, loser picks next.
      • Players will have to decide the date and time of the match between the week's Monday and Sunday, they will have until 22:00 on Sunday to send the replays to an admin.
    • Replays should be send by the match winner to an admin via Discord (ask admin for tag), WhatsApp (ask admin for phone number) or email ( in a compress file with the following extensions: .zip, .7z, .rar
      • Use the following format for the replay name: Player1vsPlayer2_matchNumber.rep eg: ZaszvsClock_1.rep for the first match. ZaszvsClock_2.rep for second match etc...
    • First 4 places go to playoff.
    • Each victory gives 2 points.
    • First tie breaker will be the player with less maps lost.
      • eg: Player1 and Player2 are tied with 6 points, Player1 won the 3 matches that he played 2-1, so he got 3 match wins with 3 map loss, Player2 won the 3 matches that he played but two of them were 2-0, so he got only one map loss and will take the place.
    • Second tie breaker will be the winner of the match played before between them.
    • If the tie continues a Bo3 will be played between the players, following the tie breakers mentioned above.
    • If 3 or more players are tie for a place, it will be played a round robin with Bo1 matches.
  • Playoffs
    • Best of five.
    • Semifinals: First place against Fourth place, Second place against Third place


  • A minimum of 5 players will be required.
  • ₡3000 per player for registration.
  • There will be time until Sunday July 21st.
  • You must ask an admin for the bank account by any of the channels mentioned before.
  • You must send an email to with the following information:
    • Complete Name
    • tag
    • Nickname you'll be using
    • Phone Number
    • Identity card number
    • Bank account number where you'll receive the prize money (BCR or Sinpe)
    • Bank transfer receipt, please use in description: LigaSC


Protoss Protoss (6) Terran Terran (2) Zerg Zerg (3)
Costa Rica  ZakRoM Costa Rica  Clockwise Costa Rica  Betametazona
Costa Rica  nZ.Hammered Costa Rica  J0sue Costa Rica  GomuGomu
Costa Rica  Gktoss Costa Rica  nZ.Zasz
Costa Rica  Poxpo
Costa Rica  Areku
Costa Rica  LUSSIFER


Week 1
August 12, 2019 06:01 UTC
1. Costa Rica  ZakRoM 0-0 0-0
2. Costa Rica  nZ.Hammered 0-0 0-0
3. Costa Rica  Gktoss 0-0 0-0
4. Costa Rica  Clockwise 0-0 0-0
5. Costa Rica  Betametazona 0-0 0-0
6. Costa Rica  GomuGomu 0-0 0-0
7. Costa Rica  Poxpo 0-0 0-0
8. Costa Rica  Areku 0-0 0-0
9. Costa Rica  nZ.Zasz 0-0 0-0
10. Costa Rica  LUSSIFER 0-0 0-0
11. Costa Rica  J0sue 0-0 0-0


All the registration money will be given for the prizes, if there are any donations they will be added also.

  • First Place
    • 65%
  • Second Place
    • 25%
  • First Round Winner
    • 10%


Circuit Breakers Fighting Spirit Cross Game Overwatch Medusa Colosseum Ground Zero
Circuit Breakers Fighting Spirit Cross Game Overwatch Medusa Colosseum Ground Zero



Matches will be streamed all Mondays at 20:00 (GMT-6) starting Monday, August 19th.