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Critters are neutral units that are routinely placed on melee maps and represent the natural fauna of the terrain. They randomly move around within a small radius. Players will sometimes kill them - sometimes as an accident via splash damage, sometimes intentionally if they are blocking buildings. Most critters walk around, the Kakaru, however, flies.

Notable Maps[edit]

  • The custom map Crazy Critters contains an above average number of critters that may obstruct construction in the starting zone.
  • The map Un'Goro Crater, recreating a densely populated World of Warcraft zone, also sports a great number of critters.
  • Kakaru Keys is named after the flying Kakaru critter and hosts a notable population.

Notable Critters[edit]

  • The Pandabearguy: During the seasons of GOM Classic, Tasteless began to name a critter on Destination by the name of 'the Pandabearguy' (in reality an Ursadon). It can be seen as a white-ish spot on the map, slighty above the top one of the three bridges in the middle. Reportedly it was bad luck killing him and players targeting him would lose the map.
    • At 21'35",  Falcon kills the Pandabearguy in his match against  NaDa. However, he goes on to win the match, supposedly the sole exception to the rule.