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Cross Game

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[e][h]Cross Game
Map Information
CrystalDrag and Freakling
Ash World
Spawn Positions:
2 at 1, 7


Leagues Featured:


Cross Game is a two player map made by CrystalDrag with help from Freakling from the map making community at It is one of six maps that were used in the BWMN Open.

It became an official ladder map in February 2019 and was one of the first foreign-made maps to be used in a major Korean tournament in the 2019 Korea StarCraft League Season 3.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Loosely based on the SC2 map Daybreak
  • Doodad Overlord Spot - The naturals have an Overlord spot made of doodads mimicking the effect of a high ground cliff (due to the lack of available high ground terrain on Ash world tileset)
  • Cliffable corner expansions: There are low ground cliffs for drops behind the corner expansions.
  • Vision blockers: The row of bushes, next to the mineral only expansion, blocks vision for ground units, similar to SC2.

Pathing and scout timings[edit]

Buildable terrain and Wall-ins[edit]

Notable Games[edit]