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Cuban Scene

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Very little is known about StarCraft in Cuba, mainly due to the fact that very few citizens have internet connections and those who have can only surf with a 56k modem, a connection that has most of its ports closed, meaning that they cannot access any type of and therefore cannot compete in any foreign event. This however, created an atmosphere perfect for the growth and development of StarCraft: Brood War, since it is a game that requires very little connection quality and can be played through modem, without the need of high quality PCs. Cubans came with a way of playing minimizing the latency using a Windows option called “Incoming connections”. With this, most Cuban teens know about StarCraft, and most of them have played it at least once, this was most obvious in the Cuban capital, La Habana, where efforts of making tournaments were made.


Around 2004, players in the Cuban capital began grouping and playing with each other without a solid tournament, in those times a Cuban existed, which was hosted through the national web “informed”, said increased the attention in the game and manage to gather most players as a community. Some of those players began creating unfinished tournaments and after some time founded ADEC which is the acronym for “Asociacion de deportes electronicos de Cuba” or “Cuban e-Sports Association” in English, after the first HSL was held, it was a need as the amount of attention directed to the event required organization.


After this the tournaments became bigger and more respected, melting into one only called HSL, meaning Havana StarCraft League, and there the first national event was held, in January 2007. The event was the only tournament available and players began taking StarCraft seriously, although it became quite difficult since the Cuban was no longer available and users had to play using their home telephones. These event was played in the comfort of each players house, much like an online event, but its finals were always in a public place, with fans watching the game live, this finals were in a players house most of the time, with 10 watchers or so, this was until the end of 2009, were the HSL finals were held in a massive theatre called “Maxim Rock”, with over 200 fans. Despite this, ADEC does not have government support, and has never charged a penny to any of the players or fans, and not a single member of the Association made type of earnings from it.

In other provinces there is also a StarCraft movement where similar tournaments are being held. Working is being currently done to make inter-colleague tournaments, including the Caribe Games which is a series of sports played with each faculty representing a career, StarCraft would be an exhibition sport.

In the beginning of 2009,a young player organized the first HTL which means Havana Team League, the first event which aggrouped the different teams available and made a tournament very similar to the “clan leagues”. The first edition had 5 Teams, the actual edition (4th) has 8. The first finals were held in said players own house, and the 3rd finals were once again held at the Maxim Rock Theatre, reaching an astounding quantity of fans.

Besides the main events (HSL and HTL), other types of events have been held, the ADEC Invitational, and the Race Wars.

Cuban Players[edit]

Cuban play level is a mystery, where some say is high and others is low. There are high chances that they style may vary, but their level must not be very high, due to the reality of their actual situation, where they don’t have anyone whose better than them to train, but considering their limitations, some leaked reps prove they are players that could compete in the foreign scene and be recognized.

Cuban players are considered amateurs, since not payment is received for playing StarCraft, the teams are not sponsored and not necessary to play in the HSL, only in the HTL.

The event’s results are logged and tabulated for a StarCraft ranking, based on the ELO system used in chess. This ranking is shown on a monthly basis and its made by some member of the ADEC.

A top Cuban player made a thread in about arranging showmatches of friendlies with international top players. This was due the his possibility of traveling to a different country, having access to INTERNET. As in June, 2010, no info about any showmatch has been said.

Useful links[edit]

  • [1] Team liquid thread about showmatches being requested for Cuban gamer.