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Cuban Scene/Individual Leagues/ADEC Invitational

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The Invitational is a yearly tournament Arranged by the ADEC which contains only the 16 best ranked players in the ADEC ranking. Although not given the same prestige as the HSL, fans see this event as the hardest regarding skill, as there are almost no low-skill players and very exciting games and rivalries are played. This is the only Cuban major event of StarCraft:Brood War in which its finals are not played in a public location.


This tournament started at the same time as the 4th edition of the HSL, when the event was celebrating it´s first anniversary, since then it´s been organized around winter to fill the gap in which no major tournaments are played, since the end of the summer marks the finals of Cuba´s biggest events the HSL and the HTL.


It randomly separates the 16 players in 4 groups of 4. The system partially mimics the World Cyber Games, where each player plays one game against each other and the best 2 advance onto the next round.

The remaining Ro8 play in a best of 3 (Bo3) until the finals, which are best of 5 (Bo5).


Edition No. 1st 2nd
1st Zergo.O]Z[SlipKoRn Protosso.O]P[Boundless
2nd Zergo.O]Z[EonZerg Zergo.O]Z[SlipKoRn
3rd Protoss[ACE]Ready Terrano.O]T[XerOx


  • Every finals of this event has ended 3-0.
  • Although it is officially considered a valid golden result, few players recognize the value of winning an Invitational, mainly due to the strong one&Only tendency to win these events.
  • This is the highest elo-value tournament of Cuba, where one victory or defeat can modify a player´s ranking position very easily.