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The Havana Team League (HTL) is the only team league supported by ADEC. It is often said by some fans that they are more interested in watching the individual leagues, but recognize the team league as an event that has more entertaining matches, mainly due to the fact that they can watch several high quality games between gamers in a sinlge day, especially when favorites clash.


The HTL was first suggested by Yordi "XerOX" in a tournament meeting. After some debate and feedback from other players the event was created grouping 6 teams. At first it was a disorganized event, 2 teams left early in the competition, which caused the HTL to not be taken seriously, the event ended however, and its second edition was handed to ADEC, whose members administrated the second tournament. After this the event grew in magnitude, and its 3rd edition grand finals were held at the Maxim Rock Theater, once again with a large concentration of spectators. For the 4th and current editions, players and teams increased the importance given to this event. Some teams trained very hard in order to reach the final four and their members focused on it more than the individual leagues.

The HTL is also the selected place for map testing. There are 8 official maps, but those are often changed sometimes in different rounds to test the acceptance of the desired map in order to select the best 5 to be used in the individual leagues. All maps selected are made by KeSPA. 4 Team leaders gather before the star of each edition to select which 8 maps will be used to start.


The format has changed with each edition. At first there was only one round and the finals were all-kill format. The current edition has some major changes, which include two rounds, meaning the teams have to face all other twice. After the two rounds have been completed, the 4 teams with the most wins go to a playoff, which results in the two finalists, no third place competition takes place.

In this edition the finals will not be all-kill format, according to ADEC, this is to make more entertaining and fun to watch matches, by creating a variety of strategies for each team, instead of choosing the best player and hope they do not loose.


Cuba does not have professional teams, meaning that every team is able to participate, as long as they meet the ADEC rules. The same way no team will be penalized if they decide not to participate in the next edition of the tournament, the only penalization is for teams that leave the tournament unfinished, which often mean severe Ranking penalizations.

Currently there are 8 teams playing in the 4th edition.


HTL 1st edition: Max CH

HTL 2nd edition: one&Only Max

HTL 3rd edition: Max one&Only

HTL 4th edition one&Only Max

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