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Cuban Scene/Teams

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This are the teams/clans that are actively participating in the current HTL. The only objective of teams in cuba is to gather players in them and playing in the HTL, no money is involved.

one & Only[edit]

One of the leading teams in Cuba. Controversy surrounds it since their members are known for generating strong rivalries with other players. It’s a Zerg heavy clan with some old school players and new faces. The founders of the clan were o.O]T[XerOx and now retired Lorenzo “Apocalipsis”

  • Leader: Jordi “o.O]T[XerOx” Ibañez


Is the result of a merging between two older clans, Protoss is their strong point, they are the only team with 2 golds in said event. The founder is Ian Pedro “MaX)Silence” Karbonell.

  • Leader: Gabriel “Genius”


Second place in the first HTL, this team used to group a lot of players from around the country; those players however leave to make a new one consisting entirely of player from other provinces outside La Habana. The founders are Miguel “[CH]Korn” and Darien “[CH]StoneCrow”.

  • Leader: Miguel “Korn”


A team consisted entirely of players from outside of The Havana, this team was favorite for the 4th HTL finals and was surprisingly defeated 4-0 vs the o.O, having even its best star, Protoss Draix defeated.

  • Leader: Arturo “Anytime”


The "Veteran Team", most of its members are veterans of the cuban scene. This team is constantly changing, having new players from a short period of time before going to other teams. Their ace player is the Protoss Ready.

  • Leader:Lester “Kenny”
  • This does not list all the teams nor the players involved in the HTL, only the most important and recognized ones.