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Cutting workers

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki

For almost any strategy, a constant Probe/SCV production from the Nexuses/Command Centers is essential to optimize your economy.

However, there are game situations, where interrupting worker production is needed or advisable. To make a certain build faster, e.g. by edging out more units in less time, or to reach a certain tech level faster, skipping workers for some time can be advantageous. This move is called "cutting workers" or sometimes "consuming". Cutting workers temporarily frees up resources, but damages your economy in the long run. It is therefore critical to gain some sort of advantage when cutting workers. Examples of builds that cut workers are greedy variations of Protoss FE (vs. Zerg) or the infamous 10/15 Gates (vs. Terran).

The term can also be used for a Zerg who produces fewer drones, but Zerg can also regain Drone numbers quickly, making their economy somewhat more dynamic.