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[e][h]Protoss dRaW
Player Information
Cameron Ward
Alternate IDs:
[KiDCaNaDa], EllenPage.., MiseryMinuet, Dr.Kurpatov
Nb, defeat, sas

Cameron dRaW Ward is a Canadian Protoss also known as KiDCaNaDa or Astro and currently playing for the Hungarian team sas.


dRaW started to play Brood War on the US East Server, mostly playing within the popular channel "Clan X17". He started to play more competitively at ICCup around 2009. The Canadian joined several teams in the following years. In between late 2010 and mid 2011 he was member of Team Noobs. In this time he was part of the roster that won BWCL Season 40 and Gambit Cup.

Due to his hobbies he did not sign up for many tournaments or missed to actually check-in. As a result he appeared rarely in the later stages of Defiler Tournaments and other individual events.[1] In 2012 DraW joined the Hungarian team sas along with dsaqwe and skzlime.

His biggest accomplishment is his first place in Sas Tour 1. DraW's playstyle is most times a bit exotic, since he stated he gets bored with standard play quite often.[1] He often plays micro oriented builds like Corsair/Reaver or Corsairs/Dragoon in his matches.

In December 2012 the Protoss organized an event series for his clan, starting with the Sas Festive Tournament.

In 2013 dRaW started to stream his practice/ladder games regularly and occasionally casted games from events such as weekly Defiler Tournaments or C Ranks Teamleague; league for mostly average level players.


  • DRaW is known to use a huge amount of smurfs. During Defiler Tour 39 the Canadian used the aka "LuoXian[GsP]" and got accidentally listed as Legend in GosuGamer's player rating [2]
  • DraW tried to make a streaming marathon to reach 1.400 points on the FISH server in one go at 31 December / 1 January 2012/2013, but eventually failed[3]


In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2012-05-20 A44th MMM Tour 1 0 : 1 Kazakhstan  Gargoyle
2012-04-22 A11st sas Invitational 1 3 : 1 Spain  Zaraki $30
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Notable Games[edit]