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DT Fast Expand (vs. Terran)

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Dark Templar!!!
Strategy Information
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The "Dark Templar Fast Expand" is an opening which tries to combine both advantages of ordinary macro oriented strategies and harassment. The Build Order is somewhat risky and can not be categorized as reactive opening.

Build Order[edit]

"Basic Build Variations"
  • 8/9 — Pylon[1]
  • 10/17 - Gateway
  • 12/17 - Assimilator
  • 14/17 - Cybernetics Core
  • 14/17 - Zealot [2]
  • 16/17 - Pylon
  • 18/25 - Citadel of Adun
  • 18/25 - Dragoon
  • 23/25 - Pylon
  • 24/33 - Templar Archives[3]
  • 24/33 - Dark Templar
  • 24/33 - Nexus at Natural Expansion[4]
  1. The Probe is being used to scout
  2. The Zealot and a Probe are used to block a Choke Point (usually a ramp) to deny scouting by SCVs if possible
  3. Probe Production is being stopped
  4. Probe Production is being resumed


The opening works best if it is not scouted by Terran. Therefore a Zealot and a Probe are used to shut down a SCV scout if possible. However, a blocked ramp, or in scenarios in which Terran can not be denied scouting, the Citadel of Adun usually give away the Dark Templar tech. Consequently, the Fast Expansion will come in as surprise.

The initial Dark Templar is used to immediately attack the Terran's base. It is pivotal, that the inital Dark Templar must not be lost to Spider Mines or after being detected by Turrets. If a Protoss player is not sure what to expect, the Dark Templar harass should be skipped. Regardless of what Terran chose to do, Protoss will transition into an ordinary mid-game. It appears to be a rational choice to transition into 2 Base Arbiter play after expanding.

The opening is especially vulnerable to early Vulture harass, since Observers are delayed significantly. If Terran opened with a Two Factory Vulture Build, Protoss will be in a bad position to defend his expansion. Constructing a Pylon wall-in might help, as well as sacrificing Dark Templar to drag mines into the attacking Vulture clumps.


The opening works best if Terran opens with a Siege Expansion with delayed turrets. Any other build most likely soft or hard counters the expansion, rendering the Dark Templar Expansion to a somewhat dated exotic opening. The macro oriented 14 CCs might be countered, if Terran scouts the Dark Templar tech late; in other scenarios Terran, for instance after opening with an FD Push, Terran will be at least level with a Protoss chosing this strategy.

Notable Maps[edit]

The Dark Templar Fast Expand opening works on almost any map. Map with difficult pathing make it easier for Protoss to block possible counter attacks. Examples would be maps like Blue Storm.

Example Games[edit]