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D Ranks League

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General Information[edit]

The D Ranks Teamleague was first organized by CobaltBlu in November 2011 on Teamliquid.[1] This league was founded as place for beginners and players with only little experience in Brood War. For the first season a total of nine teams signed up. Due to its big success a second season was hosted by Nikon in February 2012. The third season started as joint venture of BWCL and Nikon in July 2012.

Any player with a D Ranking on ICCup could sign up for this event. The teams were either formed by the players themselves or created by the organisation. Unlike other big clan leagues, the DRTL succeeded with a user base that widely organised themselves.

In addition individual tournaments have been hosted by pebble444. However, those were not closely related to the organization of the leagues.

Hall of Fame[edit]

Overall Winners[edit]

Team Leagues
Season Thread
1 Team 7 Team 3 Forum Article
2 Courage Team All Kill Kings Forum Article
3 Courage Stealth Bunnies Forum Article
All Kill Airforce Ace of Spades Courage DeSPA Forum Article
4 Sun Khan DeSPA Stealth Bunnies Forum Article
5 Courage SunKhan Forum Article
Individual Tournaments
Season Thread
1 Terran EssBee Terran Obelisco Protoss Babo Forum Article
2 Protoss Babo Protoss Arca(Crema) Protoss IU Forum Article
3 Zerg Shuruken Terran msj Protoss User:Psyonic_Reaver Forum Article
4 Zerg L3gendary Protoss NalZeck Forum Article
5 Protoss KaiGreene Protoss prophecy_ Zerg Artanis Forum Article
6 Protoss RulzBoooM Zerg aeghrur Protoss sGs.Lmaster Forum Article
7 Terran  Terran  Terran Stardom(OD) Forum Article
8 Terran sB.Minscandboo Terran Qikz Protoss Golondrin Forum Article

Overall ELO Ranking[edit]

ELO Player Ranking
Rank Player Rating Games Won Games Lost
1 Zerg Shuruken 1644.31 30 7
2 Protoss Babo 1621.35 31 9
3 Protoss prophecy_ 1593.11 15 1
4 Protoss User:Psyonic_Reaver 1582.63 17 6
5 Protoss Artanis 1579.42 13 1
6 Terran uRound 1570.07 23 13
7 Terran (Obelisco) 1567.96 26 16
8 Protoss Sentenal 1564.82 15 5
9 Terran essbee 1563.02 30 17
10 Protoss Arca(Crema) 1550.50 15 8
  • The ranking was calculated by Birdie in September 2012[2] and is based on the ELO number. Last updated on 15.09.2012

Overall Statistics[edit]

Player Statistics
Rank Player Record +/- Team
1 Protoss prophecy_ 65-22 +43 [Retired]
2 Protoss sGs.BaBo 49-23 +26 [Banned]
3 Protoss Sentenal 46-26 +20 [Retired]
4 Zerg Artanis 41-17 +24 [C-ranks]
5 Terran RedAxis 40-23 +17 [C-ranks]
6 Terran Obelisco 37-20 +17 [Retired]
7 Protoss Arca(Crema) 34-24 +10 Hwaiting Oz
8 Zerg Shuruken 33-13 +20 [Retired]
9 Protoss sGs.Lmaster 29-30 -1 TAKK
10 Terran mSj 28-17 +11 [Retired]
  • Updated by RedAxis up to D-Ranks Teamleague Season 5 Round 2.