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D Ranks Teamleague/Season 4/AllStar

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki

General Information[edit]

This will be an event for all DRTL players, where fellow players from DRTL and viewers vote for the top 4 players of each race (Protoss, Terran, Zerg) via performance in DRTL Season 4.

This event will happen the very next week after the finals of DRTL, at the same time as the games of DRTL 4.

Op DRTL @ iCCup. If you cannot play on iCCup, than we ask you to find a server to play on in either Fish or any of the public servers (ex. USEast, USWest, Asia, Europe)

Voting will work by players/viewers picking the top 4 players of each respective races, and those with the most votes will be asked to play. Voting will end on the Wednesday after the finals.

As 12 players in total will ultimately be playing, each players would be divided up into teams, putting up 6 sets, and if the result becomes 3-3, the series will go into an ace match.

You can pick anyone from the players you truly believe were the strongest performers or your friends, but only players with at least two games played (not counting walkover wins/losses) will be eligible to be voted on. It is perfectly allowed to vote yourself. For those that play multiple races, votes for nominees will only count once towards a player per post (ex. please vote someone that TvZ/PvT only once)

If a candidate is not available on the date of the game and he/she lets me know beforehand, the player with the next highest amount of votes will receive the spot.

As this is an all-star game, I will end up making all the match ups for all of the candidates, and I'm certainly open to suggestions, especially showmatches. An example could be fixing a match between two DRIT winners, such as Shuruken and [BB]KaiGreene, or seeing some type of grudge match come into fruition.

Innovative and cheesy play is strongly recommended for the enjoyment of our viewing.

Hosted by RedAxis, SynC[gm] on Teamliquid.