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Dark Caleb: Matches

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
Overall 16W : 14L (53.33%) in series, 23W : 19L (54.76%) in games
DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2009-08-28A2MinorLanCraft Summer 2009LanCraft Summer 2009:WCzechia Protoss Ghoust
2009-08-28A2MinorLanCraft Summer 2009LanCraft Summer 20091:2Czechia Terran Thebis
2007-08-16A2MinorWCG Czech Republic/Slovakia 2007WCG Czech Republic/Slovakia 20070:2Czechia Terran Crow
2007-08-16A2MinorWCG Czech Republic/Slovakia 2007WCG Czech Republic/Slovakia 20071:2Czechia Zerg Lopata
2006-12-01A1MajorDreamhack Winter 2006Dreamhack Winter 2006:WSweden Terran DaZe
2006-12-01A1MajorDreamhack Winter 2006Dreamhack Winter 2006W:Sweden Zerg Haypro
2006-12-01A1MajorDreamhack Winter 2006Dreamhack Winter 2006W:Sweden Unknown Jolly
2006-12-01A1MajorDreamhack Winter 2006Dreamhack Winter 2006W:Czechia Protoss w0nder
2006-12-01A1MajorDreamhack Winter 2006Dreamhack Winter 2006:WSweden Terran Mireille
2006-12-01A1MajorDreamhack Winter 2006Dreamhack Winter 2006W:Sweden Zerg Merz
2006-10-18A0PremierWCG 2006WCG 20061:0Italy Terran StarEagle
2006-10-18A0PremierWCG 2006WCG 20060:1South Korea Zerg July
2006-10-18A0PremierWCG 2006WCG 20060:1China Protoss Legend
2006-10-18A0PremierWCG 2006WCG 20061:0Kazakhstan Zerg MoOnZerG
2006-10-18A0PremierWCG 2006WCG 20061:0Moldova Zerg absence
2006-09-08A2MinorWCG Czech Republic 2006WCG Czech Republic 20063:1Czechia Terran Lopata
2006-09-08A2MinorWCG Czech Republic 2006WCG Czech Republic 20062:0Czechia Terran Energy
2006-09-08A2MinorWCG Czech Republic 2006WCG Czech Republic 20062:0Czechia Protoss ondra
2006-09-08A2MinorWCG Czech Republic 2006WCG Czech Republic 20062:0Czechia Protoss w0nder
2005-11-25A2MinorDreamhack Winter 2005Dreamhack Winter 2005:WSweden Terran Troy
2005-11-25A2MinorDreamhack Winter 2005Dreamhack Winter 2005:WSweden Zerg KaaZ
2005-11-25A2MinorDreamhack Winter 2005Dreamhack Winter 2005W: Unknown thedestroyter
2005-10-17A0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20050:1China Zerg STORM
2005-10-17A0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20050:1Philippines Terran SteelHeart
2005-10-17A0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20050:1Bulgaria Terran Lamer
2005-10-17A0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20050:1Latvia Zerg Cool2Die
2005-10-17A0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20050:1Germany Zerg BrEaKdOwN
2005-10-17A0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20051:0Venezuela Protoss Gambito
2005-10-17A0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20050:1United Kingdom Zerg MidiaN
2004-10-09A0PremierWCG 2004WCG 20040:2United States Zerg Day(9)
2004-10-08A8UndefinedWCG 2004WCG 20040:1Canada Random Testie
2004-10-08A8UndefinedWCG 2004WCG 20041:0Serbia Terran Vanilica
2004-10-08A8UndefinedWCG 2004WCG 20041:0Argentina Terran Pato
2002-10-31A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20021:0Italy Terran SoL.Chobo
2002-10-31A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20021:0Chile Protoss Weyo
2002-10-31A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20021:0Kazakhstan Protoss T_san
2002-10-31A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20021:0Peru Zerg S_C_
2002-10-30A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20021:0Austria Zerg KrackMoe
2002-10-30A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20021:0Poland Zerg Blackman
2002-10-3005:30 UTCA0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20020:1Brazil Random hellghost