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[e][h]Zerg Day[9]
Player Information
Sean Plott
June 27, 1986 (age 37)
Alternate IDs:
Day[9], Day9, Day, rS.Day[9], Striderdoom
Day[9], Striderdoom
Approx. Total Winnings:
WCG USA 2005
MyM, rS.


Sean "Day[9]" Plott is Nick "Tasteless" Plott's younger brother and a high-level American Zerg player, rated A/A+ on ICCUP/PGT throughout multiple seasons and accounts. His main tournament spotlight has been his invitation to represent the United States at the WCG Grand Final three times and winning WCG Pan-American Championship. He currently hosts the program Day[9] TV on that analyzes recent professional StarCraft matches. Day also casted for hundreds of TeamLiquiders at Blizzcon 2009, providing refreshing analysis and live commentary of the OSL Finals between Jaedong and YellOw[ArnC]. Day is known for his deep strategic analysis.


  • Has made an autobiographic video covering his earlier StarCraft experiences. [1]

Commentating career[edit]

Day9 is famous for his series of videos called Day(9) Daily where he analyzed Korean pro-level games, as well as showed tutorials. Day(9) casted two of the largest foreign Broodwar tournaments - 2008 Razer TSL and 2009 TSL. After the release of Starcraft:Remastered, Day9 has co-casted a few of the biggest foreign Broodwar tournaments, for example, ZOTAC CUP Masters SCRM and Twitch Starcraft Holiday Bash.


  • Has been known to be a frequent poster in the Teamliquid strategy forum. Has also done quite a lot of commentating for live events, his own FPVOD's and has a frequently updated strategy podcast on,[1] as well as an (almost) daily show.[2]
  • Is the brother of the famous commentator and community profile Tasteless, whom he took out early in the WCG GF 2005 when Tasteless started commentating.
  • Has played in almost all WCG USA preliminaries since 2001.
  • Played in the Collegiate Star League, representing USC. As his career as a progamer tapered off, he became a manager for the USC division of the CSL.
  • Cast the infamous Chill Vs Combat-ex Grudge Match.[3]


WCG Pan-American Champion
WCG Pan-American Championship 2006
Preceded By:
Canada Random Testie
WCG Pan-American Championship 2007
22.06.2007 - 24.06.2007
United States Zerg Day9
WCG Pan-American Championship 2008
Succeeded By:
Peru Terran Fenix


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