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Juan "Deathfate" Bayona is a commentator for StarCraft in Spanish, who casts daily on Trovo/YouTube/Twitch/Facebook, important tournaments such as ASL, BSL or KCM Race Survival.

Currently on his channel he helps novice people how to play StarCraft: Remastered, for this he has created 3 leagues called DSL (Deathfate StarLeague) that he comments from Tuesday to Thursday. On the weekends he plays against his spectators and gives advice on what they could do to improve. On Thursday he has a section called Professor DF in which he teaches some aspect of the game, such as Build orders, unit composition, keyboard shortcuts, tips and tricks.

His YouTube channel as of February 2021, had 10,100 subscribers and 2,297,497 views.

Channel Timeline[edit]

Channel Organization[edit]

ID Name Position
Spain Deathfate Juan Bayona Founder/Main Manager

Detailed Broadcasts[edit]

DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2022-10-09 A1PremierAfreecaTV StarCraft League RemasteredAfreecaTV StarCraft League RemasteredASL Season 14StarCast TV Spanish Commentator
2022-08-14 A1PremierRCGRCGRCG 2021Spanish Commentator
2022-04-09 A1PremierAfreecaTV StarCraft League RemasteredAfreecaTV StarCraft League RemasteredASL Season 13Starcast TV Spanish Commentator
2022-01-09 A1PremierASTLASTLASTL Season 3Spanish Commentator
2021-11-07 A1PremierASLASLASL Season 12Starcast TV Spanish Commentator
2021-06-06 A1PremierASLASLASL Season 11Spanish Commentator
2021-02-28 A1PremierASTLASTLASTL Season 2Spanish Commentator
2020-12-06 A1PremierRCGRCGRCG 2020Spanish Commentator
2020-11-15 A1PremierASLASLASL Season 10Spanish Commentator
2020-08-02 A1PremierASTLASTLASTL Season 1Spanish Commentator
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As a player[edit]

In StarCraft II[edit]

He started as a professional Starcraft II player in the team and represented Spain at the IeSF 2011.

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