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Deathfate: Broadcasts

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2024-01-04Showm. (Min.)MaSoKa Battles: King of the Jungle: TerrOr vs. OyAMaSoKa Battles: King of the Jungle: TerrOr vs. OyASpanish Commentator
2023-08-11Showm. (Min.)Super Fight Season 3: Best vs. RoyaLSuper Fight Season 3: Best vs. RoyaLSpanish Commentator
2023-08-11Showm. (Min.)Super Fight Season 3: soma vs. JyJSuper Fight Season 3: soma vs. JyJSpanish Commentator
2023-08-08Showm. (Min.)Super Fight Season 3: soma vs. RushSuper Fight Season 3: soma vs. RushSpanish Commentator
2023-08-04Showm. (Min.)Super Fight Season 3: Best vs. heroSuper Fight Season 3: Best vs. heroSpanish Commentator
2023-08-03Showm. (Min.)Super Fight Season 3: Mini vs. RoyaLSuper Fight Season 3: Mini vs. RoyaLSpanish Commentator
2023-08-02Showm. (Min.)Duel Series Season 1: Mini vs. heroDuel Series Season 1: Mini vs. heroSpanish Commentator
2023-08-01Showm. (Min.)Duel Series Season 1: Mini vs. ActionDuel Series Season 1: Mini vs. ActionSpanish Commentator
2023-04-07MajorKCM Race Survival 2023 Season 1KCM Race Survival 2023 Season 1Host
2022-11-16MinorDSSL 16DSSL 16Spanish Host
2022-11-13MinorDeathfate Pro Team League 2Deathfate Pro Team League 2Spanish Host
2022-11-06MajorDeathfate Pro League 4Deathfate Pro League 4Spanish Host
2022-10-09PremierASL Season 14ASL Season 14StarCast TV Spanish Commentator
2022-08-31Week. (Min.)DDS38: Sobi vs. SzikyDDS38: Sobi vs. SzikySpanish Commentator
2022-08-29MinorDSSL 15DSSL 15Spanish Host
2022-08-24Week. (Min.)DDS37: Dewalt vs. SzikyDDS37: Dewalt vs. SzikySpanish Commentator
2022-08-17Week. (Min.)DDS36: Sziky vs. ZhanhunDDS36: Sziky vs. ZhanhunSpanish Commentator
2022-08-14PremierRCG 2021RCG 2021Spanish Commentator
2022-08-09Qual. (Min.)Deathfate Pro Team League 2: QualifierDeathfate Pro Team League 2: QualifierSpanish Host
2022-08-08Week. (Min.)DDS35: Dewalt vs. MihuDDS35: Dewalt vs. MihuSpanish Commentator
2022-08-06Showm. (Min.)UBE Season 2: hero vs. sSakUBE Season 2: hero vs. sSakSpanish Commentator
2022-08-04Showm. (Min.)UBE Season 2: soma vs. BarrackSUBE Season 2: soma vs. BarrackSSpanish Commentator
2022-08-03Week. (Min.)DDS34: Dewalt vs. XiaoShuaiDDS34: Dewalt vs. XiaoShuaiSpanish Commentator
2022-07-31MajorBombastic StarLeague 15Bombastic StarLeague 15Spanish Commentator
2022-07-31Showm. (Min.)SIB Season 2: Sziky vs. nOOBSIB Season 2: Sziky vs. nOOBSpanish Commentator
2022-07-29Week. (Min.)DDS33: TerrOr vs. SobiDDS33: TerrOr vs. SobiSpanish Commentator
2022-07-28Week. (Min.)DDS32: SquaLL vs. NbADDS32: SquaLL vs. NbASpanish Commentator
2022-07-27Week. (Min.)DDS31: Sobi vs. BoADDS31: Sobi vs. BoASpanish Commentator
2022-07-27Showm. (Min.)SIB Season 2: Sziky vs. SpeedSIB Season 2: Sziky vs. SpeedSpanish Commentator
2022-07-26Showm. (Min.)SIB Season 2: Sziky vs. BarrackSSIB Season 2: Sziky vs. BarrackSSpanish Commentator
2022-07-24Showm. (Min.)UBE Season 2: Shuttle vs. SharpUBE Season 2: Shuttle vs. SharpSpanish Commentator
2022-07-05MinorDeathfate Pro Team LeagueDeathfate Pro Team LeagueSpanish Host
2022-05-01Showm. (Min.)ASL 13 Revenge Battle: soma vs. BestASL 13 Revenge Battle: soma vs. BestSpanish Commentator
2022-04-27Week. (Min.)DDS30: TerrOr vs. GosudarkDDS30: TerrOr vs. GosudarkSpanish Commentator
2022-04-26Week. (Min.)DDS29: NbA vs SquaLLDDS29: NbA vs SquaLLSpanish Commentator
2022-04-24MajorKCM Race Survival 2022 Season 1KCM Race Survival 2022 Season 1Spanish Commentator
2022-04-23Showm. (Min.)ASL 13 Revenge Battle: JyJ vs. heroASL 13 Revenge Battle: JyJ vs. heroSpanish Commentator
2022-04-22Showm. (Min.)ASL 13 Revenge Battle: Action vs. RushASL 13 Revenge Battle: Action vs. RushSpanish Commentator
2022-04-20Week. (Min.)DDS28: DarK vs GoKuDDS28: DarK vs GoKuSpanish Commentator
2022-04-19Week. (Min.)DDS27: ZeTy vs TousaNDDS27: ZeTy vs TousaNSpanish Commentator
2022-04-17Showm. (Min.)ASL 13 Revenge Battle: Snow vs. ggaemoASL 13 Revenge Battle: Snow vs. ggaemoSpanish Commentator
2022-04-13Week. (Min.)DDS26: JDConan vs DienmaxDDS26: JDConan vs DienmaxSpanish Commentator
2022-04-12Week. (Min.)DDS25: TerrOr vs JirenDDS25: TerrOr vs JirenSpanish Commentator
2022-04-10MajorBombastic StarLeague 14Bombastic StarLeague 14Spanish Commentator
2022-04-09PremierASL Season 13ASL Season 13Starcast TV Spanish Commentator
2022-03-23Week. (Min.)DDS24: DragOn vs Jiren vs Gosudark vs NyokenDDS24: DragOn vs Jiren vs Gosudark vs NyokenSpanish Commentator
2022-03-20Showm. (Min.)UBE Season 1: Mini vs. BarrackSUBE Season 1: Mini vs. BarrackSSpanish Commentator
2022-03-16Week. (Min.)DDS23: Dewalt vs trutaCzDDS23: Dewalt vs trutaCzSpanish Commentator
2022-03-11Showm. (Min.)UBE Season 1: Snow vs. SharpUBE Season 1: Snow vs. SharpSpanish Commentator
2022-03-10Week. (Min.)DDS22: Bonyth vs BoADDS22: Bonyth vs BoASpanish Commentator
2022-03-06Showm. (Min.)UBE Season 1: Best vs. RoyaLUBE Season 1: Best vs. RoyaLSpanish Commentator
2022-03-04Showm. (Min.)UBE Season 1: Light vs. heroUBE Season 1: Light vs. heroSpanish Commentator
2022-02-27MajorDeathfate Fantasy League 1Deathfate Fantasy League 1Spanish Host
2022-02-13MajorDeathfate Pro League 3Deathfate Pro League 3Spanish Host
2022-01-26MajorKCM Race Survival 2021 Season 4KCM Race Survival 2021 Season 4Spanish Commentator
2022-01-09PremierASTL Season 3ASTL Season 3Spanish Commentator
2022-01-08MinorPerú StarCraft League 2Perú StarCraft League 2Spanish Analyst
2021-12-29Showm. (Min.)BDL: TerrOr vs. DandyBDL: TerrOr vs. DandySpanish Commentator
2021-12-27Week. (Min.)DDS21: Dewalt vs SzikyDDS21: Dewalt vs SzikySpanish Commentator
2021-12-27Showm. (Min.)ASL 12 Revenge Battle: Mini vs. RoyaLASL 12 Revenge Battle: Mini vs. RoyaLSpanish Commentator
2021-12-26Week. (Min.)DDS20: TerrOr vs BonythDDS20: TerrOr vs BonythSpanish Commentator
2021-12-21Week. (Min.)DDS19: Tech vs JDConanDDS19: Tech vs JDConanSpanish Commentator
2021-12-20Showm. (Min.)ASL 12 Revenge Battle: Soulkey vs. RushASL 12 Revenge Battle: Soulkey vs. RushSpanish Commentator
2021-12-19MajorBombastic StarLeague 13Bombastic StarLeague 13Spanish Commentator
2021-12-13Showm. (Min.)ASL 12 Revenge Battle: soma vs. JyJASL 12 Revenge Battle: soma vs. JyJSpanish Commentator
2021-12-07Week. (Min.)DDS18: Rush vs SomaDDS18: Rush vs SomaSpanish Commentator
2021-12-06Showm. (Min.)ASL 12 Revenge Battle: hero vs. LightASL 12 Revenge Battle: hero vs. LightSpanish Commentator
2021-11-15Showm. (Min.)SIB Season 1: Bonyth & Dewalt vs. BarrackSSIB Season 1: Bonyth & Dewalt vs. BarrackSSpanish Commentator
2021-11-14Week. (Min.)DDS17: BoA vs UltrADDS17: BoA vs UltrASpanish Commentator
2021-11-08Showm. (Min.)SIB Season 1: Dewalt vs. ShineSIB Season 1: Dewalt vs. ShineSpanish Commentator
2021-11-07Week. (Min.)DDS16: ZeTy vs TechDDS16: ZeTy vs TechSpanish Commentator
2021-11-07PremierASL Season 12ASL Season 12Starcast TV Spanish Commentator
2021-11-01Showm. (Min.)SIB Season 1: Bonyth vs. AmpleSIB Season 1: Bonyth vs. AmpleSpanish Commentator
2021-10-30Week. (Min.)DDS15: TerrOr vs DienmaxDDS15: TerrOr vs DienmaxSpanish Commentator
2021-10-27MajorKCM Race Survival 2021 Season 3KCM Race Survival 2021 Season 3Spanish Commentator
2021-10-25Showm. (Min.)SIB Season 1: Dandy vs. SacsriSIB Season 1: Dandy vs. SacsriSpanish Commentator
2021-10-24Week. (Min.)DDS14: Dewalt vs ScanDDS14: Dewalt vs ScanSpanish Commentator
2021-10-17Week. (Min.)DDS13: cRoSs vs DandyDDS13: cRoSs vs DandySpanish Commentator
2021-09-18Week. (Min.)DDS12: Gosudark vs baboDDS12: Gosudark vs baboSpanish Commentator
2021-09-12MinorDPL2 Super CupDPL2 Super CupSpanish Host
2021-08-01MajorDeathfate Pro League 2Deathfate Pro League 2Spanish Host
2021-07-28MajorKCM Race Survival 2021 Season 2KCM Race Survival 2021 Season 2Spanish Commentator
2021-07-25Week. (Min.)DDS11: YugOx vs Raynor vs DeSka vs sTyLe3aDDS11: YugOx vs Raynor vs DeSka vs sTyLe3aSpanish Commentator
2021-07-18Week. (Min.)DDS10: Dandy vs JDConanDDS10: Dandy vs JDConanSpanish Commentator
2021-07-11Week. (Min.)DDS9: Dewalt vs heroDDS9: Dewalt vs heroSpanish Commentator
2021-07-10Showm. (Min.)ASL 11 Revenge Battle: Sexy vs. StorkASL 11 Revenge Battle: Sexy vs. StorkSpanish Commentator
2021-07-03Showm. (Min.)ASL 11 Revenge Battle: Larva vs. RushASL 11 Revenge Battle: Larva vs. RushSpanish Commentator
2021-06-27Week. (Min.)DDS8: cRuZa vs GoKu vs Conan vs jhonDDS8: cRuZa vs GoKu vs Conan vs jhonSpanish Commentator
2021-06-26Showm. (Min.)ASL 11 Revenge Battle: hero vs. SnowASL 11 Revenge Battle: hero vs. SnowSpanish Commentator
2021-06-19Week. (Min.)DDS7: TerrOr vs GosudarkDDS7: TerrOr vs GosudarkSpanish Commentator
2021-06-19Showm. (Min.)ASL 11 Revenge Battle: JyJ vs. somaASL 11 Revenge Battle: JyJ vs. somaSpanish Commentator
2021-06-12Week. (Min.)DDS6: UltrA vs HmDDS6: UltrA vs HmSpanish Commentator
2021-06-06Showm. (Min.)Latam vs. KoreaLatam vs. KoreaSpanish Commentator
2021-06-06PremierASL Season 11ASL Season 11Spanish Commentator
2021-05-30MajorBombastic StarLeague 12Bombastic StarLeague 12Spanish Commentator
2021-05-29Week. (Min.)DDS5: Bonyth vs SpeedDDS5: Bonyth vs SpeedSpanish
2021-05-22Week. (Min.)DDS4: eOnzErG vs RaynorDDS4: eOnzErG vs RaynorSpanish
2021-05-15Week. (Min.)DDS3: UltrA vs GosudarkDDS3: UltrA vs GosudarkSpanish
2021-05-08Week. (Min.)DDS2: BoA vs DandyDDS2: BoA vs DandySpanish Commentator
2021-05-07Showm. (Min.)Foreign All-Star vs. Korean GamerForeign All-Star vs. Korean GamerSpanish Commentator
2021-04-24Week. (Min.)DDS1: TerrOr vs DewaltDDS1: TerrOr vs DewaltSpanish Commentator
2021-04-21MajorKCM Race Survival 2021 Season 1KCM Race Survival 2021 Season 1Spanish Commentator
2021-04-17Showm. (Min.)Deathfate Pro League 1Deathfate Pro League 1Spanish Host
2021-04-10Showm. (Maj.)Latam vs. EU All KillLatam vs. EU All KillSpanish Commentator
2021-04-03MajorBombastic StarLeague 11Bombastic StarLeague 11Spanish Commentator
2021-02-28PremierASTL Season 2ASTL Season 2Spanish Commentator
2021-01-20MajorKCM Race Survival 2020 Season 4KCM Race Survival 2020 Season 4Spanish Commentator
2020-12-19Showm. (Min.)Latam vs. BishOpLatam vs. BishOpSpanish Commentator
2020-12-06PremierRCG 2020RCG 2020Spanish Commentator
2020-11-15PremierASL Season 10ASL Season 10Spanish Commentator
2020-11-08MajorBombastic StarLeague 10Bombastic StarLeague 10Spanish Commentator
2020-10-30Showm. (Min.)Tournament of Legends Season 1Tournament of Legends Season 1Spanish Commentator
2020-10-14MajorKCM Race Survival 2020 Season 3KCM Race Survival 2020 Season 3Spanish Commentator
2020-10-04Showm. (Min.)Latam vs. Korea 1Latam vs. Korea 1Spanish Commentator
2020-08-23Showm. (Min.)CastrO ShowmatchCastrO ShowmatchSpanish Commentator
2020-08-02PremierASTL Season 1ASTL Season 1Spanish Commentator
2020-07-18MajorCasterMuse StarLeague Season 3CasterMuse StarLeague Season 3Spanish Commentator
2020-07-01MajorKCM Race Survival 2020 Season 2KCM Race Survival 2020 Season 2Spanish Commentator
2020-06-07MajorBombastic StarLeague 9Bombastic StarLeague 9Spanish Commentator
2020-05-24Qual. (Maj.)RCG 2020: Remastered, Latin America QualificationSpanish Commentator
2020-03-25MajorKCM Race Survival 2020 Season 1KCM Race Survival 2020 Season 1Spanish Commentator
2020-02-16MajorBombastic StarLeague 8Bombastic StarLeague 8Spanish Commentator
2020-01-30MajorCasterMuse StarLeague Season 2CasterMuse StarLeague Season 2Spanish Commentator
2019-12-24MajorKCM Race Survival Season 12KCM Race Survival Season 12Spanish Commentator