Deathfate Pro Team League 2: Qualifier

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[e][h]Deathfate Pro Team League 2: Qualifier
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Round Robin, Single Elimination Playoff
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Deathfate Pro Team League 2: Qualifier (DPTL2: Qualifier) is a team league sponsored by Trovo, AlphaX and Deathfate.


  • DPTL2 will consist on 8 teams playing each other once in the league stage (Round Robin).
  • Playoff stage will be 4th vs 3rd vs 2nd vs 1st (So 1st team of league stage goes directly to finals) Each team plays another team once a week.
  • 1st 60% of the matcherino (minimun 180$)
  • 2nd 30% of the matcherino (minimun 90$)
  • 3rd 10% of the matcherino (minimum 30$)
  • Payment will be done via matcherino, the team managers decide how to split the prize between the players.
  • Four 1on1 and a 2on2. Every game is mandatory even if a team has already lost, maps are still important as maps W/L ratio will be the decider after penalty points for tie breaker.
  • All games are Bo1.
  • For playoffs the format will be five 1on1 and a 2on2, in case of 3-3 then an ACE match will be played, all bo1.
  • You can repeat a player in a 1on1, 2on2 or ACE match but the same player cannot play 3 times the same week (so if you use it for 1on1 and 2on2 then he cannot play the ACE match, remember ACE is only for playoffs).
  • 2on2 can be played at the same time as 1on1 if there are no repeated players, if not it will be played after 1on1s.
  • Maps will be DPTL1 maps for qualifiers, we will post maps for the league when the date is close, probably a mix among ladder and ASL14 maps.
  • Each team must have a manager that will be in charge of arranging which players are going to play that week. This manager MUST BE available through discord. You can have more than 1 manager in case of vacation or whatever.
  • Teams can have as many players as needed.
  • Teams can replace a player in case he doesn’t show up to the games, the new player must play the stated race as the replaced player.
  • Players will appear in liquipedia with their main race, but they can play any race, managers will state the players race for that map when they post the line ups. Random is a valid race but that player must play using random in said map, not race picking.
  • A player that has already played 1 week for a team cannot play with another team.
  • Players must have played at least once in the league stage to play in the playoffs stage.
  • League starts on Sep 4th. There are 7 weeks in the league stage and 3 weeks of playoffs so The tournament is played every Sunday from Sep 4th to Nov 6th both included.
  • Qualifiers will be held on July 17th and the duration depends on the number of teams.
  • Each week will have predefined maps.
  • Each team manager will tell organizers in private which players and races are going to play the 1on1 and the 2on2 each Wednesday at 21.00CEST at latest (1 week before the match), for this each team will have a channel on discord that only they and the managers can read.
  • We will post team line ups Wednesdat at 21.00 CEST and games will be played.
  • The default time to play is Sunday 17.00 CEST but matches can be rearranged if both teams agree. So you can play all the matches other days (limit day/time is Wednesday 1.00am CEST). The opposing team needs to accept the change for this to happen. Please, try to rearrange as much as possible if other manager contacts in time, if we see some teams that always refuse rearranging they could be disqualified for next season (this doesn’t include players not showing up to matches but you can rearrange that too).
  • If a team isn’t repeating 2on2 players and the other does, the not repeating team can make his players show up 20m later of stated time (17.20 CEST for default time) but the manager had to warn this to the other manager in advance.
  • Once all games are played each team (EVEN LOSING TEAM) will send the organization the replays via discord uploading them to your teams channel.
  • League will be casted via replays every Tuesday and Wednesday at 19.30PET (2.30CEST).
  • Players must keep their result secret until the games have been casted.
  • RESTREAMING the league without permission is NOT ALLOWED, the event is sponsored by Trovo so the goal is to maximize viewers the official cast days on Deathfate’s trovo channel. If you are interested in casting the league in another language please consult the organization.
  • A match won is 1 point, a match lost is 0 points.
  • In case of a tie, the team with less penalization points will be higher in the league.
  • If a tie still exists, the team with better maps won/lost ratio will be higher in the league.
  • If a tie still exists, the team that won the match against the other (direct encounter) will be higher in the league.
  • If a tie still exists (triple tie), there will be an extra round with those 3 teams.
  • This only applies to teams that can be in the top4.
  • Each penalization point will subtract 5$ to the prize of that team. Penalization points are NOT subtracted from winning points, they are independent and are only counted to discount prize and used to tie break.
  • Not presenting your line up in time - 1 penalization point.
  • Not sending the replays before official cast - 1 penalization point.
  • Teams can replace a player not showing to a match, so if a player is not showing to a match a team manager can replace him for another of your team USING THE SAME RACE OF THE REPLACED PLAYER (that has not played another 1on1) avoiding penalization.
  • Not showing to a bo1 gives your team 2 penalization points per bo1 (and ofc you lose that bo1) 15min max of waiting time. 10min more of waiting time if the manager or player in charge says he has a replacement. (so 25min in total). In case of the 2on2 this can be counted 20m later if a team didn’t repeat a player for it and warned the other manager in advance. Please always have some subs in hand for each day as replacing a player isn’t penalized and sometimes players don’t show up.
  • A team with 8 or more penalization points can be disqualified. WALKOVERS SUCK, a team with several walkovers can be forced to play qualifiers or even be disqualified for the next league, this will also affects teams that may abuse rules to take them as much as possible.
  • If a team leaves the league or is disqualified, all results of the league stage will be 5-0 vs him, even the ones that were already played.
  • Any kind of misbehavior like insults, chat spamming, saying gg for the opponent, sarcastic comments about your opponent or oponnent's play can result in penalization points or even banning that player/team from the league.
  • Any kind of rule infringement will be penalized with penalty points or ban of that player/team, punishment will depend on the infraction.
  • If a Team abuses player replacements to hide its true playing players, the organization will warn that team and may put some restrictions to his replacements. You can use a player as a replacement even if you havent sent it yet to the league as team rosters are unlimited, hiding your powerful players doing this can be penalized too, if you have a new powerful player and want to use him please warn the other team you will be using him as a sub before playday.
  • If you want to participate please fill this form.
  • Organization will pick the best teams for qualifiers, the number of teams picked will depend on the quality of the signed up teams.

Prize Pool[edit]





Statistics 1on1[edit]

Top players[edit]

United States Zerg Herbmon1010
United States Protoss Razz1010
United States Zerg Sadh1010
United States Zerg cavapoo1010
United States Zerg Jimin0101
United States Zerg Machine0101
United States Zerg Sony0101
Canada Protoss VooDaNK0101

Map statistics[edit]

Terran vs. ZergZerg vs. ProtossProtoss vs. TerranMirrors
GOOD NIGHT1-------------1-
Total Sum (Σ)4-------------31


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  • Spanish Speaking [ DTPL2 on YouTube]

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