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Map Information
김응서 (Earthattack)
Spawn Positions:
2 at 11,5
Competition Span:
Sep 2008 – Oct 2009


Destination is a fairly standard two player map that was introduced in the 2008 ClubDay MBCGame Starleague. This map was also used in the 2008-2009 Shinhan Bank Proleague, and the GomTV Avaratec-Intel Classic Season 2. The map is known to host many mech TvZ's as it favors Mech over standard Bionic play.

This map is very popular for cheeses as well as proxies because of the short rush distances between the bases, as well as the fact that it is a two player map.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Cliff behind natural - The cliffs behind the naturals allow for easy tank, storm and lurker harassment of the natural.
  • Double bridge to Natural - The two narrow bridges leading into the natural make attacking more difficult. It can also work in favor of the aggressor, as breaking out of a contain is difficult. However, since Destination features a mineral back door, contains can oftentimes be both hard to maintain (having to keep track of two exits) as well as easily ignored (sneaking out a worker/army through the back door).
  • Far away third gas - The third gas is fairly difficult to secure because of the distance between the natural and the expansions that allow a player to secure a third gas.
  • Fairly large main - The size of the main forces the defending player to watch more space and also allows Terran to have plenty of space for their buildings.
  • No island expansions - The fact that there are no island expansions on this map forces players to defend every single one of their expansions from ground attacks.
  • Back door into main - The second ramp into the main (from behind the natural ramp) is blocked by minerals that must be mined out to allow units to move through. When mining out these minerals, coming from below the ramp, there are certain spots where a worker will not mine the minerals since this ramp has spots where a worker is completely blind (cannot see either high ground nor low ground).
  • Three central bridges - These bridges separate the two sides of the map, creating choke-points that can be taken advantage of or avoided, depending on the match-up.

Build Orders and Strategies[edit]


2 Gateway Openings

Due to short rush distances 2 Gateway openings are supported on the map in mirror matches. However, if both players chose such an opening, usually a more conservative varation is used, in order to expand with the help of Zealots. The initial Zealots are used to block the brigdes. A similar strategy against other races is not recommended.

21 Nexus

In older days, Protoss usually opened with a 12 Nexus against Terran. In modern Brood War this strategy doesn't pay off too well, as Terrans adapted to it. The main idea is still to expand as fast as possible and to keep Terran contained in his own main base for as long as possible. Terran can usually secure half of the map relatively easy, due to the many bridges and ramps creating choke points.

Dark Templar Fast Expand

Similar to the 21 Nexus, the Dark Templar Fast Expand Build tries to gain an advantage by expanding as soon as possible. Usually this line of aggressive expansion is chosen, if the Terran loses his scouting SCV early on and goes for a Siege Expand opening as reaction.

Gas Steal Elevator Rush

The two player map allows for a designed strategy, which tries to steal the Terran's Gas income. By blocking the opponent's main base Geyser Terran has delay mechanical units for a longer time frame. The follow up by Protoss is a transfer of ground units into Terran's main base. However, the strategy itself is risky and often loses its momentum, if it was scouted or anticipated.

2 Base Arbiter and 2 Base Carrier

In modern Brood War Terrans usually try to force a map split base wise onto the Protoss. Protoss can try to hard counter this strategical idea by going for either very fast Arbiters or Carriers. Both are then used to harass the Terran if he tries to take control over his side of the map, while the Protoss tries to expand as much as possible. However, these ideas might lose momentum if the mid game transitions are scouted in time.

Neo Bisu Build

Against Zerg Protoss deals with several problems on Destination. The short distances between the two starting locations theoretically support rushes. Due to improved Zerg Sim City techniques this kind of strategy usually is hard countered, however. In addition, Zerg has plenty of options to open with aggressive builds, such as 2 Hatch Hydra, and/or try to aim for a mid game Zergling/Lurker contain. In modern Brood War the 3 Base Spire into 5 Hatch Hydra transitions replaced Lurker contains.

The Neo Bisu tries to circumvent all these problems and enables Protoss to build up a massive mid game army, which can deal with most Zerg reactions. This Build Order does not aim to destroy Zerg in the mid game, but rather allows the trained Protoss army to roam the map. By trying to control the main ground, futher Zerg expansions, especially those with Vespine Geysers, should be delayed. In the meantime, Protoss wins time and space to expand on his own.


Hoejja build

The Heojja Build exploits the second ramp leading to the spawning locations. By performing some tricks, Zerglings are glitched through the blocking mineral patch as early as possible. This works only against Protoss Forge Expand Build Orders.


Fantasy Build

A strategy designed by iloveoov, which enables Terran to produce mech units against Zerg. Due to a vast list of timings Zerg early- and mid game weaknesses are exploited, in order to allow Terran a strong attack.

2 Port Wraith

Another risky opening by Terran. Terran opens with Wraiths and harasses the Zerg, thus forcing the opponent to build Spore Colonies and Hydralisks. While the air forces distract the opponent, Terran switches to a strong bio army and pushes out before Zerg can build adequate counters.

"Mio Style"

The "Mio Style" refers to a Korean Terran, who used to open with 2 Factory Builds on two player maps. Key to this line of strategy is to constantly attack as Terran in any way possible: Vulture Raids, Drops or small scaled Tank Pushes. In the meantime Terran expands rapidly and transitions to a more standardized late game. The underlying motive behind this strategy is to punish greedy Fast Expansions by Protoss. However, the many complicated pathes and choke points make it relatively easy for Protoss to adapt to the unusual aggression by Terran.


Destination awarded as a Best Map of 2008–09 Season on 4th Annual Korean e-Sports Award Ceremony (December 2009).

Overall Statistics[edit]

The statistics compiled from the YGosu.Com DB.

Map Games Terran vs. Zerg Zerg vs. Protoss Protoss vs. Terran Terran vs. Terran Zerg vs. Zerg Protoss vs. Protoss First Game Last Game
Destination 1.1 1246 154–143 (51.9%) 181–135 (57.3%) 187–149 (55.7%) 111 98 88 2008.08.13 2009.11.15
  • League Statistics:  Starleague 0 games;  MSL 47 games;  Proleague 233 games;  other 966 games.
  • Best Player:  Terran sKyHigh 26–6 (81.2%)

Protoss FE wall-ins[edit]

11 o'clock
5 o'clock

Note: the selected Cannon in the 5 o'clock setup is in range of a drone mining the back door minerals.

Terran wall-ins[edit]


11 o'clock
5 o'clock
5 o'clock (alternative)

Zerg Expansion Building Placements[edit]


12 o'clock
1 o'clock
7 o'clock
6 o'clock

Note: Sunkens in the natural can be omitted


  • For 6 o'clock respawn - tight
6 o'clock

More info in description of file

  • For 6 o'clock respawn - hydra oriented
6 o'clock

More info in description of file

  • For 12 o'clock respawn
12 o'clock

More info in description of file

Notable Games[edit]

Destination South Korea Zerg S2 2008-09 Shinhan Bank Proleague, Examplary TvZ Mech Game
South Korea Terran Mind
Date: 2008-12-15
Patch: VOD
Destination South Korea Zerg Shark 2008-09 Shinhan Bank Proleague, Walling by Zerg on the second expansion spot
South Korea Protoss Reach
Date: 2008-12-16
Patch: VOD
Destination South Korea Terran Lomo 2008-09 Shinhan Bank Proleague
South Korea Protoss Tempest
Date: 2008-12-15
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Destination South Korea Terran ForGG 2009 Lost Saga MSL
South Korea Protoss Stork
Date: 2009-03-07
Patch: VOD

Destination South Korea Terran Firebathero 2009 Lost Saga MSL
South Korea Zerg Jaedong
Date: 2009-02-05
Patch: VOD
Destination South Korea Terran Hwasin 2009 Lost Saga MSL
South Korea Zerg Luxury
Date: 2009-02-12
Patch: VOD

Destination South Korea Terran Skyhigh Shinhan Bank Winners League
South Korea Zerg Jaedong
Date: 2009-02-14
Patch: VOD
Destination South Korea Terran Skyhigh Replay pack, Examples of a very aggressive Terran vs Zerg style
South Korea Zerg Jaedong
Date: 2009
Patch: Replay

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games with VODs and can be modified here.
DateTimeTournamentOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2017-12-18Twitch Starcraft Holiday BashiNcontroL Zerg United StatesJaeyunUnited States Zerg JaeyunWatch VOD
2017-12-18Twitch Starcraft Holiday BashArtosis Terran United StatesNonYUnited States Protoss NonYWatch VOD
2017-12-18Twitch Starcraft Holiday BashArtosis Terran United StatesShethUnited States Zerg ShethWatch VOD
2017-12-18Twitch Starcraft Holiday BashWhite-Ra Protoss UkraineKawaiiRiceUnited States Terran KawaiiRiceWatch VOD
2016-11-192016 KT GiGA Legends Match IIIBisu Protoss South KoreaJaedongSouth Korea Zerg JaedongWatch VOD
2016-11-192016 KT GiGA Legends Match IIIFlash Terran South KoreaStorkSouth Korea Protoss StorkWatch VOD
2016-03-1713:00 UTCKCM Race StrongestShuttle Protoss South KoreaLastSouth Korea Terran LastWatch VOD
2016-03-1013:00 UTCKCM Race StrongestMind Terran South KoreaShuttleSouth Korea Protoss ShuttleWatch VOD
2016-02-2010:00 UTC41 Starleague Season 4Mind Terran South KoreaMovieSouth Korea Protoss MovieWatch VOD
2016-02-2010:00 UTC41 Starleague Season 4Last Terran South KoreaMongSouth Korea Terran MongWatch VOD


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