Dies Iræ

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[e][h]Dies Iræ
Map Information
Ash World
Spawn Positions:
4 at 2,4,8,10
  • 1.00, 1.02
Leagues Featured:


Conceived as a 4 player macro map that does not adhere to the classical base layout scheme Dies Iræ is a spiritual successor of Mystique and Lucid Dream, seeking to perfect the mineral-walled backdoor natural base setup by embedding it in an axially symmetric map layout, which avoids issues of rotational imbalance. To somewhat break up the simple symmetry a slight wavy distortion pattern is superimposed on the design and decorative patterns follow aberrant symmetries. The map uses centre-offsetting to balance out the sizes usable spaces.

Strategically the map is aimed to support standard builds for all races despite its unusual base layout. Tactically however it offers players various opportunities for unusual moves, such as "jumping" units over a mineral wall to harass the natural expansion or abusing the various vision blocking "hedges" around the map to gain tactical momentum.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Backdoor natural and mineral only wall expansion: The natural expansion on this map is located in the corners, behind the mains, but, unlike other maps with a setup like this, such as God's Garden or Crossing Field, is accessible through a second entrance that at the beginning of the game is protected by a mineral only expansion that forms a wall that will progressively mined out once a player expands there (mineral values: 248, 496, 744, 5×1024).
  • Automatic Creep Extension: At the choke of each main base two neutral Spore Colonies are set up on unwalkable and unbuildable ground, which facilitate the automatic extension of a Zerg's initial Creep to the ramp. As opposed to other maps with backdoor naturals this allows Zerg players to set up defensive structures comfortably in early game without the need for an early third Hatchery in their main.
  • High ground and vision blockers: The centre of the map is structured through an extensive high ground area, that players have to cross to move between bases, as well as numerous lines of vision blocking terrain, which can be used for tactical advantage in surprise ground engagements. To make them easily distinguishable for the comfort of players vision blockers are marked by tree sprites on top of them (in the same manner as LOS blockers in SC2 and comparable to maps such as Cross Game or Kiseyras).

Map versions[edit]

Version 1.02 chagelog:

  • Various layout changes to increase rushing distances
  • Added various Overlord spots around the map
  • Subsequent pathfinding fixes
  • Decoration updates

Recent Games[edit]

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Terran vs. ZergZerg vs. ProtossProtoss vs. TerranMirrors
Dies Iræ661611568.8%1951426.3%1610662.5%366