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[e][h]Zerg DinOt
Player Information
Cristóbal Lledó
June 23, 1992 (age 31)
Alternate IDs:
DinOtZerG, xLo.DinOt, MyM.DinOt, ESC.DinOt, sas.DinOt, PizzaZerg, Soul)Z(DinOt
Approx. Total Winnings:


Cristóbal DinOt Lledó is a Chilean Zerg player known for his aggressive style of play and good micromanagement. He made a name for himself at a very young age, participating in the biggest and most prestigious foreigner tournaments between 2008-2009 such as Razer TSL, ESL Major Series IV, Spirit Tournament, SC4All Stamina, WGTour Clan league, Nations Wars, etc. He's currently a member of the team SouLGaming after his return in July of 2018 for Starcraft Remastered.

Broodwar Career[edit]

DinOt began playing Starcraft Broodwar in 2005 at the age of 13[1]. In 2007, at the young age of 15, he was already a very strong but unknown player, he was a member of xLo, a formidable team with players such as Strelok, Fenix, and Castro, whose helped him to substantially improve as a player[2]. In early 2008 he signed up for the team Meet Your Makers, it was one of the most dominant and renowned teams in the foreigner scene that competed for supremacy with none other than the team Templars of Twilight. DinOt was very successful at MYM and was an essential part of the lineup, the star player at the Chilean National Team, and one of the best foreigner players until his retirement. He briefly returned to Broodwar in 2012, 2017 and 2018.

Remarkable individual tournaments participations[edit]

2008 Razer TSL[edit]

The first Team Liquid Starleague was announced in March of 2008 (shortly after DinOt joined MYM) with a prize pool of 10,000 USD and sponsored by Razer. The competition was stacked and in order to qualify the players had to go through a ladder stage held at the Iccup server where the top 48 players would enter the Razer TSL tournament. DinOt qualified in fourth place behind Mondragon, Draco, and Yayba. He got the rank of A- with 9665 points and a record of 114 wins and 46 losses [3]. The next phase was the qualifiers group stage, where he ended up in Group D along with IdrA, KwaK, and hanniGan . Despite his position during the ladder stage, DinOt was an underdog, especially with IdrA on the group who was considered at the time one of the top players in the foreigner scene who had won a trip to train in Korea the previous year. However, the group stage would have unexpected results. DinOt advanced first in the group, defeating KwaK 2-0 and then also defeating IdrA in the winner's bracket by 2-0[4]. This lead DinOt to the single-elimination bracket round of sixteen where he faced the Russian Protoss player Rondo in an unrelenting Best-of-three series where DinOt quickly lost the first game after a failed 3-hatch hydra rush on Wuthering Heights. After his defeat in the first map, DinOt improved his game to get the victory on Othello and Zodiac in very exciting games that lasted over 30 minutes each to advance to the quarterfinals where he faced the Canadian Protoss player and teammate IefNaij in a best-of-five series in which IefNaij proved to be better at the late game situations defeating DinOt 3-1 and ending DinOt's participation at Razer TSL (IefNaij ended up as the eventual champion of Razer TSL defeating Draco at the finals 3-2)[5].

ScForAll Spirit Tournament[edit]

From September to October of 2008 DinOt participated at the Spirit "Become a Pro-gamer" Tournament. The prize for winning the tournament was a trip to Korea, where the winner would get a chance to become a professional gamer. That immediately became the goal for DinOt. He qualified directly by placing himself in the top 10 of the ladder stage held at Iccup. In the first round, DinOt faced the Peruvian zerg CastrO whom he defeated by a 2-0 score. In the quarter-finals, he played against another remarkable Peruvian player, who was his former teammate at team xLo, Fenix. DinOt defeated him 2-0 securing his place in the semi-finals where he faced none other than the North American Protoss NonY, who with a 2-0 score in his favor ended DinOt's dream to become a professional player. NonY eventually became the Champion by defeating the Italian Protoss player ClouD by a 3-2 score at the finals, earning the tickets to Korea[1] [6].

DinOt vs IefNaij Liquibition #25[edit]

During the year 2008, Teamliquid organized the Liquibition show matches were the best foreigner players would face each other in a best-of-seven series for a 100 USD and the right to reign as champion, waiting for the next challenger. IefNaij was the reigning champion after defeating Ret by 4-0 in March of 2008 and retained the throne by defeating Brat_OK on December 14th of that year. Just 1 week after that, on the 21st of December, DinOt showed up as the next challenger looking for revenge after his defeat by a score of 1-3 in the hands of IefNaij during the Razer TSL quarterfinals earlier that year. The format would allow each player to pick three maps. IefNaij would choose Andromeda, Wuthering Heights, and Longinus II. While DinOt picked Tau Cross, Python, and Medusa. The seventh map, Ride of the Valkyries, was chosen by a poll on TeamLiquid[7]. During a pre-match interview, IefNaij was asked: “why did you pick a Zerg favored map like Wuthering Heights?”. He said: “I lost to DinOt on Wuthering in TSL, I simply want my revenge.”[8]

ESL Major Series Season 4[edit]

This was one of the biggest tournaments during 2009. It lasted five months from March to August of that year. There were four invited players, legends in the foreigner scene like Mondragon and White-Ra were among them. The rest went through three qualifiers, the top four players of each qualifier went to the actual tournament where the sixteen best foreigner players went toe to toe to show who was the best and to get a share of the prize pool consisting in €750 Euros. It started with a group stage. DinOt ended up in Group D along with Mondragon, Arew, and Horror—where he proved how strong he was by defeating Mondragon 2-1, then Arew 2-0 and Horror by 2-0, ending up first in the group stage with a score of 6-1. This result led him to the quarter-finals where the best two players from each group went into a double-elimination format. In this round, DinOt faced the fierce player from the Netherlands, Ret, who sent DinOt to the loser bracket. From there DinOt worked his way up to the losers bracket semi-finals by defeating the Terran Player from Poland, Sawyer, and once again defeating Arew, this time by 3-1. At the semi-finals of the losers bracket, DinOt played against the Protoss player Dreiven who came out victorious by a 3-1 score, ending this way DinOt's participation at ESL Major Series IV and getting a 4th place(the Podium ended up with IdrA 1st, Ret 2nd, Dreiven 3rd)[9].

Highlander Tournament[edit]

Held in July of 2009 and hosted by Incontrol the tournament had two prizes: 1,000 USD for the first place, and an SC2 Beta Key for the second place. The best foreigner players showed up for this event, in which DinOt had a spectacular performance. In the first round (Ro32) DinOt faced and defeated the Terran player Strelok. The next round, DinOt played against MaNa and defeated him by a 2-0 score to advance to the quarter-finals where he battled against the German player HoRRoR. With a final score of 3-2 in his favor, DinOt went to the next round[10]. In the semi-finals, DinOt faced IdrA—arguably considered the best foreigner player and the favorite to win the tournament. However and against all odds, DinOt knocked out Idra from the tournament by defeating him 3-2, a result that nobody anticipated[11]. After the unexpected result at the semi-finals, DinOt played against none other than the legendary Ukranian Protoss player White-Ra, who defeated in his way to the finals some of the best players at the time like G5, Mondragon, Tarson, and IefNaij.[12]

The final was an intense best-of-seven series. DinOt took the early lead in the first map, Katrina. He played an aggressive four-hatch hydra style which transitioned into an action-packed game that lasted twenty-one minutes, where after many backs and forth battles DinOt ended up victorious. In the second game played on Colosseum II, DinOt tried to catch White-Ra off-guard by doing an unsuccessful three-hatch hydra rush that resulted in a quick victory for White-Ra to even up the score 1-1. The third game was on Destination. It was a grueling and exciting thirty minutes long macro game where White-Ra came out victorious thanks to his great Reaver&Shuttle control, and cost-efficient army composition that put him 2-1 in the lead. The next map was on Heart Break Ridge, and DinOt carefully prepared a strategy for this map. He mined out the minerals that blocked the back entrance to the main base of his enemy and infiltrated dozens of zerlings that completely destroyed White-Ra's base, forcing him to admit his defeat, and setting the score 2-2. The following game was played on Gods Garden and was similar to the match on Colosseum II. DinOt tried to catch White-Ra off-guard with a 3-hatch hydra rush, but once again White-Ra defended properly and took the win and the lead 3-2. The next game ended the series in an anti-climatic fashion. White-Ra went for a successful two gate zealot rush on Lost Temple to take the victory, besting DinOt 4-2. (A fun fact is that DinOt won the second place prize, an SC2 Wings of Liberty Beta Key, but he never liked the game and would never play it competitively).[13]

WCG Chile 2009 National Qualifiers[edit]

Late in 2009, after five years it was announced that Chile's Starcraft Broodwar division would be back for World Cyber Games 2009 (the last Chileans to play a national qualifier and get to WCG Grand Finals were Knif and Keir in 2004)[14]. Prior to this, DinOt went inactive for a couple of months and had only a week to prepare for the Chilean National Qualifiers due to the late announcement. Despite that, he participated because he wanted to go to China and compete on the biggest stage before his imminent retirement[15]. DinOt's biggest threat was supposed to be the zerg player osR-KiLLeR(Later known as Dignitas.Killer in Sc2) who defeated DinOt by a 3-1score —DinOt playing off-race— in a preliminary match on October 17th just five days before the semi-finals of WCG Chile[16]. Nevertheless, something unexpected happened. KiLLeR was defeated by the zerg player LMR)tOsKY in the semi-finals[17]. Meanwhile, DinOt in the other side of the bracket managed to get to the finals by defeating the zerg player Belladonna[18].

The final was a Best-of-five played on October 18th at Telefónica's building in Santiago, Chile [19] [20]. DinOt was the favorite to win as tOsKY's 2-0 victory over KiLLeR was considered a fluke by many (having in mind the volatility of the zerg matchup). At the start, everything went as expected, with DinOt convincingly taking the first two games, but from this point on, everything went downhill for DinOt. It looked like the pressure and nerves to win affected him, and tOsKY took advantage of it to even the score 2-2. The last game was played on Python, where DinOt opened up with an early gas in an effort to get Mutas as fast as possible to catch his opponent off-guard, but he didn't manage to protect his spire which was exposed and was taken down by tOsKY's Zerglings. Thanks to the more economic-based opening of tOsKY, and the fact that DinOt's spire was delayed and then destroyed sentenced his defeat. With a final score of 2-3 in favor of tOsKY, the series ended[21]. tOsKY would go to the 2009 WCG Grand Finals that took place at Chengdu, China[22], while DinOt retired from the Broodwar scene.


Late 2011-Early 2012[edit]

During the last months of 2011, Dinot was seen laddering at Iccup Server under the nick 7even.DinOt. Few months after this, during February of 2012 the Hungarian team Sas signed him to be part of the roster during the Twitch TV Gambit's Cup. DinOt played only 3 Games, where he defeated the Protoss player from Poland, Mazur, and the North American Zerg Flip, then he would play his last game against the Zerg player from Poland, GameZZZ. On March 20 during Altitude's ISL3 Qualifiers, he would face and defeat the Terran player from Germany, Cryoc, in the next round he got a Walk Over victory over Castro, and in the final Match, he would easily defeat the Poland Protoss player Trix by a 3-0 score and qualify to Altitude's ISL3 where he was set to play in group 6, along with Pike, Kashu, and Defi, but DinOt didn't show up and vanished again from the Broodwar Scene.[23] [24] [25]

Early-Mid 2017[edit]

DinOt was secretly laddering using a smurf account named PizzaZerg at Iccup during season #43. Later on, on May 7, he revealed his identity at the weekly Broodwar tournament Filthy Cup Weekly #4 organized by Schamtoo, where he signed up as DinOt but kept using his smurf Iccup account for the games[26]. He won by walkover at round 32 over the Russian zerg NotForu. He advanced to the next round to face the Korean Terran player Scan, who defeated DinOt by a 2-0 score.(Scan ended up winning the tournament without losing a single set). The following week DinOt signed up for Filthy Cup Weekly #5 where he once again won by walkover in the round of 32 this time over Zerg player from Poland Trutacz, the next round he defeated the North American TY2, who played Terran, DinOt won by 2-1 and advanced to the quarterfinals where he once again faced Scan, DinOt played some great games but it wasn't enough to defeat Scan who defeated DinOt 2-1 and would end up winning the tournament once again. The following weeks of May DinOt didn't sign up for any more tournaments and left Broodwar once again just 2 months before the Starcraft Remastered release, leaving a 1v1 Iccup record of 211-103 (67% win rate) Rank A+, on Season 43# at his account MyM.DinOt.

July 2018[edit]

Starcraft Remastered Pro Series[edit]

Tournament sponsored by Starladder where the top sixteen players outside Korea battled for a total prize pool of 1500 USD.

After a recent return in July of 2018 DinOt played in the first qualifier on August 3. He looked rusty after more than a year of inactivity and couldn't qualify after losing to GosuDark and Cryoc by a 0-2 score. On August 4 DinOt played in the second qualifier where he performed much better. He defeated TerranBoy and Cryoc by 2-0, got a walkover victory against the player Hangel and at the semifinals, he was sent to the loser brackets by OyAji. From the losers bracket he defeated Quantel by 2-0, DragOn by 2-1 and in the finals DinOt won by a score of 3-2 against Gargoyle thus securing himself a spot in the main tournament [27][28].

The first stage of the main tournament was a Swiss Triple Elimination system. DinOt had to face Bonyth on August 12 in a best-of-five series which ended in a 3-0 victory for Bonyth. The following week DinOt was matched against Kare and once again lost by a 3-0 score. On the brink of elimination, DinOt played against Herbmon on the third round where he defeated his opponent by 3-0 in a long zvz series. By week number four DinOt had to face his teammate and countrymen UltrA. The result was a 3-0 in favor of DinOt. With an overall score of 2-2 DinOt needed one more victory in a best-of-five series to get to the quarter-finals, his opponent was OyAji who he previously faced during the qualifiers. Both players battled fiercely for the final spot to the quarter-finals. Nevertheless, some bad decisions by DinOt and a good performance by his opponent sealed the victory for OyAji by a 3-1 score thus knocking DinOt out of the tournament finishing in 11th place[29].


  • Often described as an aggressive player.
  • Really put his feet forward in TSL, competing as the youngest player.
  • Has since done well in Valor, Stamina, Spirit, ESL, and other clan leagues.

Matchup Statistics[edit]

Matchup Games Wins Losses Winrate
vs P 67 34 33 50.7 %
vs T 59 34 25 57.6 %
vs Z 33 21 12 63.6 %
All 159 89 70 56 %


2009-10-182ndMinorWCG Chile 2009WCG Chile 20092 : 3-
2009-07-252ndMinorHighlander Tournament2 : 4-
2009-07-189th - 16thMinorValor Starleague1 : 2-
2009-03-154thMajorESL Major Series IVESL Major Series IV1 : 3-
2008-12-212ndShowm. (Min.)Liquibition 253 : 4-
2008-06-025th - 8thMajor2008 Razer TSL2008 Razer TSL1 : 3$175
Extended list of results


  1. MYM.DinOt: The Young Star Speaks

Notable Games[edit]

Zodiac Chile Zerg DinOt Late-game slugfest during Ro16, at Razer TSL
Russia Protoss Rondo
Date: 2008-05-13
Patch: 1.15.2 VOD
Wuthering Heights Chile Zerg DinOt Wild ZvP staple of DinOt's style
Canada Protoss IefNaij
Date: 2008-05-19
Patch: 1.15.2 VOD
Wuthering Heights Chile Zerg DinOt Action packed game at Liquibition#25
Canada Protoss IefNaij
Date: 2008-12-21
Patch: 1.16 Replay VOD
Katrina Chile Zerg DinOt Itense, wild, back and forth game on Katrina, at the Finals of Highlander Tournament.
Ukraine Protoss White-Ra
Date: 2009-07-25
Patch: 1.16.1 Replay