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DirectDraw Emulation

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DirectDraw is part of Directx[1], a graphics API for Microsoft Windows, and is used by StarCraft to draw 2D graphics. It has been deprecated since DirectX 7. Releases of Windows since Windows XP has gradually introduced graphical bugs because the API is unsupported by Microsoft[2]. Updates to graphics drivers may also introduce graphical bugs because DirectDraw is likely untested for compatibility.[3][4][5]

StarCraft supports a command-line parameter called ddemulate[6][7][8] in an effort to alleviate any graphical bugs that may occur in newer versions of Windows. Blizzard has never officially announced this feature, and it's unknown which patch introduced this feature, though it's safe to say that it has been added after Windows Vista was released.

Issues fixed[edit]

  • Icons next to usernames in the chat lobby do not appear
  • Latency bars next to game names in the game list do not appear

Possible problems[edit]

  • Some Windows 7 users report very long start-up times for StarCraft, it's not definitely known whether or not this feature is the cause of the problem

Launchers that use this[edit]

Wlauncher, XLauncher and mca64Launcher allows the user to use the ddemulate parameter.[9][10]