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In professional StarCraft, there are a number of actions which may result in a player's disqualification, depending on the particular rules in use.

In early 2009, shortly after the "ZiZi YO" incident involving BackHo in a game against FireFist, KeSPA invited further controversy by changing the rules so that only "ppp" (to request a pause), and "gg" or "GG" were allowed to be typed in without being disqualified. After Leta's disqualification, the "ppp" rule was relaxed, but players continued to be disqualified under the "gg" rule until it was amended at the start of the 2009-10 season.

List of disqualifications[edit]

  • 04-11-30 - MBC Movies Team League - Samsung, a player turned out to be an amateur
  • 06-07-02 - Sky Proleague - Nal_Ra/Aqua team, Nal_Ra pause without typing "ppp"
  • 06-11-04 - 10th Survivor Tournament - Odin, mistake with computer
  • 06-11-15 - 3rd Dual Tournament - Doksa, pause without typing "ppp"
  • 07-05-27 - SPL - Hogil/Go.Go, Hogil pause without typing "ppp"
  • 07-10-18 - GomTV MSL S3, fOrGG vs Nal_rA on Loki II - fOrGG used a forbidden SCV bug[1].
  • 08-02-04 - 14th Survivor Tournament - 815, pause without typing "ppp"
  • 09-04-16 - Avalon MSL Survivor Tournament - Ruby, "ww" instead of "gg"
  • 09-04-16 - Avalon MSL Survivor Tournament - Tempest, "ggyo" instead of "gg"
  • 09-04-28 - Shinhan Bank Proleague 08-09, Leta vs Kal on Outsider Leta typed "pp" instead of "ppp" when he had technical difficulties.
  • 09-05-10 - Bacchus OSL round of 36 - Luxury, "gfg" instead of "gg"
  • 09-05-13 - Bacchus OSL, Round of 36 - GoRush vs BackHo on Holy World. GoRush was disqualified for typing "ㅎㅎ" instead of "gg" (ㅎㅎshows up if you have a Korean keyboard and you type key corresponding to "g" without changing the setting to English.)
  • 09-05-13 - Bacchus OSL, Round of 36 - GoRush vs BackHo on Outsider In the game directly after the game mentioned above, GoRush accidentally typed "a" and was disqualified.
  • 09-05-16 - Avalon MSL Survivor Tour - Sair, "ㅈㅈ" instead of "gg" (ㅈㅈ is a Korean phonetic approximation of "gg")