Disruption Web

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[e][h]Disruption Web
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200 200 80


Disruption Web affects a 120x80 pixel area for a duration of 24 seconds (or 15, using real world time measurements), preventing all units and buildings under it from attacking. Casters are still able to cast, and spider mines will still activate. Each cast costs 125 energy. Disruption web is an uncommon sight in all match-ups, but is still used occasionally. Since it is so uncommon, it can also throw a player off guard as he may have little or no experience dealing with it.


Protoss vs Zerg is the match-up in which Disruption web is most common, but even so it is really only seen as a part of the Sair/Reaver build. It can be used against Hydralisks attempting to surround the Reavers, making the Reavers much more effective and making it much more difficult for the Zerg player to kill them. If the Protoss then chooses to transition in to a Corsair/Carrier build, Disruption web is also useful in aiding the carriers against mass Hydralisks. Disruption Web can be cast surrounding Reavers so that Ultralisks can't attack them.


Corsairs are rarely used in PvT but when they are, it is nearly always for disruption web. Really the only use for them is to mix in a few corsairs late game with the Protoss' large Dragoon/Zealot ground army and cast disruption web on clumps of Siege Tanks during a battle. This can be effective, but is rarely used because the Arbiter's stasis field ability is considered a superior way to achieve a similar effect. Jangbi used a corsair to scout Fantasy's base on Pathfinder in games 1 and 5 of the 2011 Jin Air OSL.


There has never been any real good use for corsairs in the match-up PvP, but they could conceivably cast some useful disruption webs in the field of battle. However, this is less effective in PvP than in PvT because the Protoss army is much more mobile than the Terran army enabling them to easily retreat away from disruption webs. Also, the Protoss army has a lot more anti air capability than the Terran army, allowing their Dragoons to snipe corsairs fairly easily.

Notable Maps[edit]

Although no maps "favor" disruption play, 1 map in particular actually makes disruption web play necessary in PvT because of the extreme potency in Terran Dropship play which is Arkanoid (for clarification purposes ask day9 whether this is true because i heard it from him) But there are also maps that feature neutral disruption web. These maps include:

Recommended Games[edit]