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[e][h]disturbed Mind
Team Information
Chile Protoss PrI
Team Captain:
Chile Protoss Tech
Player earnings:
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 12
Terran 7
Zerg 6


disturbed Mind (dM) is a competitive Starcraft: Remastered team created over a decade ago by Nicolás White Moreno, founder and main leader of the organization.

During the years that dM has been active in the foreign Starcraft scene, he has been part of numerous competitions, both team and individual, and has had outstanding performances in both LAN and Online events.

dM has also been the base of the Chilean team of Starcraft Remastered on repeated occasions, during the last league of nations organized by Titanes del Ring, dM contributed with seven players from its ranks for the two Chilean squads in said competition and was also a contribution to the US team with two players from their ranks.

Currently dM is home to some of the best players from Chile, Argentina, the United States and Canada and continues to be the Latin American grassroots team with the longest seasons in the first division of the Brood War Clan League, the oldest and most prestigious team tournament outside from Korea.


  • 2008
  • 2010
  • 2017

Starcraft: Remastered[edit]

Active Roster[edit]


  • Chile Protoss White
  • Chile Protoss Tech
  • Chile  PrI
  • United States  awareness
  • Chile  PGTour
  • United States Protoss Kwanwoo
  • Chile  XenOsky
  • Chile  MewatCh
  • Chile  NbA
  • Chile  NeAr
  • United States  Khrane
  • Peru  LikeRain


  • Chile  TousaN
  • United States South Korea  J1
  • Argentina  Strudel
  • Canada  Whip
  • Chile Terran UltrA
  • Costa Rica  ArthurFleck
  • Chile  Tank


Inactive Roster[edit]

  • United States  Arya
  • United States  vulture
  • United States  Kyrie
  • Mexico  Defiler
  • United States  Yaj

Team Achievements[edit]

Future Tournaments[edit]

Tournament Link Result Participants
Nation Wars (Individual) Nation Wars 2 Waiting Division A: UltrA - Tech - NbA - White
División B: Tank

Past Tournaments[edit]

Tournament Link Result Prize
Brood War Clan League Temporada 49 BWCL - Season 49 4th None
Brood War Clan League Temporada 48 BWCL - Season 48 1st Promoted to Division A
Brood War Clan League Temporada 47 BWCL - Season 47 3rd/4th None
Brood War Clan League Temporada 46 BWCL - Season 46 4th Downgraded to Division B
Brood War Clan League Temporada 45 BWCL - Season 45 3rd/4th None
Pan American Team League PATL 4th $75 USD


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