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Divided Factions

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[e][h]Divided Factions
Map Information
Space Platform
Spawn Positions:
6 at 1,3,5,7,9,11


Divided Factions is a standard six-player map released on May 29th, 1998 as Blizzard's Map of the Week.[1] It was the second map released after Brushfire.

Due to the "divided" nature of the map's layout, depending on where the players spawn, it can be an island map. The map consists mostly of three main areas, each one connected by a common isthmus with some expansions in between, while the other areas have no land path connecting them.

The starting positions lack a ramp down into their natural expansions, meaning players must make heavy use of transports if they wish to expand.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Low ground expansion without a ramp leading down to it near the starting positions, similar to on Space Odyssey.

Notable Games[edit]

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