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[e][h]Protoss Djem5
Player Information
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
????-??-?? — 2010-??-??
2010-??-?? — Present

Djem5 is a Russian Protoss player and member of The fun-gaming pro team.


Djem5 went widely unnoticed as player until late 2012. After massive training the Protoss became on of Russia's strongest players, which especially showed in the SBWI Nation Wars, where he could more than 90% of his games. His strong mirror play allowed him to almost defeat Dewalt in the Russian King of the Hill. Before his first notable finish in a major tournament, a silver medal in the Moscow NY LAN, Djem5 already managed to win the Defi Mini Tour 1 and finished on the 4th place of the ICCup Clan League tournament[1]. In January 2013 the Russian was among the top 20 of the ICCup Elo Event Rating.[2]


  • in Lan Target Moscow he played all of his games until he was in top3 with offrace (zerg), because of additional 5.000RUB prize for best zerg, that achieved at least 3rd placea and he earned that prize.


2018-11-119th - 12thMajorBrood War 20th Anniversary LAN0 : 1$95
2017-09-233rdMajorMediamarkt SC:R Moscow Cup0 : 1$870
2015-10-172ndWeek. (Min.)Legacy Cup 130 : 3$35
2015-09-262ndWeek. (Min.)Legacy Cup 102 : 3$35
2015-09-051stWeek. (Min.)Legacy Cup 73 : 1$50
2015-08-292ndWeek. (Min.)Legacy Cup 62 : 3$35
2014-12-203rdMinorMoscow The Last Champion LAN0 : 2$45.01
2013-11-091stMinorReps team LAN Party 20132 : 0$153
2013-06-222ndMinorLAN Target Moscow2 : 3$152
2012-12-122ndMinorMoscow New Year LAN1 : 2$81.45
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