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Team Information
kOs (Kim Hyun Jin 김현진) and Xian (Oh Sang Taek 오상택)
Kim Sung Hwan (김성환)
Team Captain:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Player earnings:
Player Breakdown
Number of players:
Protoss 6
Terran 8
Zerg 5
January 2002
August 2010

eSTRO was a Korean StarCraft professional team. In August 2010, the player dormitory and practice house was shut down. KeSPA assumed stewardship over the team and looked for a buyer. When this failed, the team was dissolved and the players were drafted to the remaining 10 pro teams.[1]


  • eSTRO also had a Special Forces team in addition to their StarCraft team. They used to have a Counter-Strike team which is now sponsored by WeMadeFox.
  • Under the management of Daniel Lee, the team has been active in bringing foreign progamers to Korea throughout its history as AMD, Hexatron and finally eSTRO.
  • Team history:
    • Founded as AMD Dream Team (AMD 드림팀) in January 2002.
    • Changed name to Hexatron Dream Team (헥사트론 드림팀) in February 2004.
    • Changed name to eNature Top Team (이네이쳐 탑) in March 2005.
    • Changed name to eSTRO in October 2006.

Dissolution Draft[edit]

When eSTRO dissolved in October 2010, the remaining players were drafted to different teams.

The way of drafting was:

While the idea of a draft based on a team's finish last season had been floated, a system much like an auction has been selected to decide where the ex-Estro players will end up.
KeSPA will first set a minimum contract for the Estro players, where the bidding will begin. The minimum contract for a player is the average salary of all other players who performed similarly during the 2009~2010 season. The player will be contracted to the team with the highest offer.[2]
Name New Team
Terran Really Woongjin Stars
Zerg Action KT Rolster
Zerg hyvaa STX SouL
Terran Classic STX SouL
Protoss Flying Woongjin Stars
Protoss Grape Samsung KHAN
Practice Partners
Name New Team
Protoss Dear Hwaseung OZ
Zerg Cola hite Entus
Protoss Lazy MBCGame HERO
Protoss Wuk WeMade FOX
Zerg Larva SK Telecom T1

Player Roster at Dissolution[edit]

ID Team Name Race ELO ELO Peak
Action (Teamless or Personal Sponsorship) 김성대 Kim Seong Dae Zerg 2132.37 pts 2166.66 pts
Classic SK Telecom T1 김도우 Kim Doh Woo Terran 2072.3 pts 2157.78 pts
Dear Samsung Galaxy KHAN 백동준 Baek Dong Jun Protoss 2069.86 pts 2110.61 pts
Bomber Afreeca Freecs (StarTale) 최지성 Choi Ji Sung Terran 0- 0-
Flying Woongjin Stars 신재욱 Shin Jae Wook Protoss 2018.82 pts 2069.03 pts
Grape 유병준 Yoo Byung Joon Protoss 2073.53 pts 2129.53 pts
Haran 정명호 Jung Myung Ho Zerg 1927.29 pts 2086.68 pts
hwata 이진수 Lee Jin Soo Zerg 0- 0-
hyvaa (Teamless or Personal Sponsorship) 신대근 Shin Dae Kun Zerg 2098.2 pts 2145.13 pts
IsaC 김이삭 Kim Lee Sak Protoss 0- 0-
Really 박상우 Park Sang Woo Terran 2068.29 pts 2216.39 pts
Say 홍명철 Hong Myeong Cheol Protoss 0- 0-
Zest KT Rolster 주성욱 Joo Sung Wook Protoss 2056.93 pts 2137.28 pts

Notable Former Players[edit]