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Tool Information
StarCraft: Brood War 1.16.1
Current Version:

EUDEnable is a BWL4 plugin which can be used with Chaoslauncher.


This plugin allows maps to take advantage of buffer overflows from the Set Deaths trigger, called Extended Unit Deaths or EUD's for short, that was patched in version 1.13f due to security concerns from Blizzard. It does not modify StarCraft's code so it should not be detected by Blizzard's Warden or iCCup's antihack. The plugin is required to be used by all of the players in the game or a desynchronization will occur between players who do have the patch and those who don't.

Different Forms[edit]

EUDEnable is also available in different forms which are: .qdp for MPQDraft and .exe for standalone